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Friday, May 14, 2021


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Associations as legacy makers

MANY things have happened since I first wrote here about legacy in the context of associations (“Legacy of Associations,” March 14, 2018). For one, the pandemic has put a stop on travel and business events, e.g., conferences and congresses, which are important activities that associations offer to their members. On the other hand, it gave momentum for associations to plan long term and…
Column box-Al Mendoza-Full Tank
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Budget tips for Gen Zs; Isuzu ‘BLOWBAGETS’

MY good friend, Nadinne Capistrano, writes to say she has some tips to help millennials and Gen Zs navigate their financial road map.  Here: “Today’s challenging circumstances underscore the importance of proper financial management among millennials and Gen Zs. “While health and safety remains top priority amid the pandemic, staying afloat may be the biggest challenge of millennials…
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Fabulous travels with Joanna Lumley and two Asian pop idols

There are two friggingly fabulous travelogues in Netflix right now. One has Joanna Lumley as our indefatigable, elegant and enthusiastic guide, and the other by two of the most exciting, smart, odd couple from two powerhouse showbiz industries—South Korea and Taiwan. I was not expecting much from Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure, having for its subject matter the astonishing and…
Val A. Villanueva-Businesswise
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Xi’s one-way bromance with Duterte, and the great ‘debate’

Palace spokesman Harry Roque must be feeling unhappily isolated when his challenge to debate with former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio and Vice President Leni Robredo on the issue of China’s incursions into our maritime territories  was met merely with ridicule on social media. His boss President Duterte has thrown him a virtual hot potato when he was designated to…

Game changer

THEY call the three-point shot “the equalizer.” And many times, as when a barrage of triples hits the opposing team in succession, they call it “the game changer.” Converted three-point attempts do change the game in a happy way. But there’s a grim version of the game changer that’s harder to control than “pektus” or a “glorious trajectory.” In a word, injuries. The number and variety of…
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Brain fitness helps kids in distance learning

The months of prolonged distance learning for my kids have prompted me to assess the sufficiency of such learning. I initially loved the self-regulation and self-motivation the situation brought out in my kids. Later on, however, I began worrying about distance learning in assessing retention and comprehension of critical subject matters.  It also made me think that although the…

Satellite Internet service –Starlink and iGSat

YOU have to be totally out of touch if you have not heard of Elon Musk, of Tesla and SpaceX fame that some people say must be an alien from another planet to come up with so many advanced ideas. He is now talking about a global satellite Internet service called Starlink which plans to make use of 40,000 low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites about 300 miles above our surface. Currently, there…
Column box-Al Mendoza-That’s All
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Limping LA Lakers looking to survive

WHEN LeBron James came back, Los Angeles was back. Suddenly, the Lakers’ crown looked secure. Beleaguered as they were being pushed close to elimination, the Lakers were resurrected with the return of James. James breathed new life to a Los Angeles squad on the verge of death.  James has been the Lakers’ oxygen for life, the one savior when chaos creep in from nowhere. Then it…
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Giving feedback to your manager

“What do you think?” my manager asks me after we have finished the presentation. On the one hand, I was honored that she asked me what I thought of our presentation. At the same time, I also felt out of place because I am not used to having my manager ask me for feedback. But then I realized, she was asking because she really wanted to improve herself and because whatever she did…
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Health-care investments, decongestion key to recovery

WE saw a decline in new Covid-19 cases in the last couple of weeks, as the reproduction rate fell below 1.0 again. This is good news for the country and the economy, thanks to the preventive efforts of the government. We need to sustain this gain by strengthening our health-related measures, while safely reopening the economy so that workers can return to their jobs. Balancing health and…
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Flying pig

Last month I wrote, “For me though, the most astounding event of the 21st century is happening right now in Egypt. The Ever Given—launched in 2018—is one of the largest container ships ever built carrying some 20,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units. It is currently blocking the Suez Canal.” The canal was unblocked and everything is back to normal. But the “astounding events” are not yet…
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JBC’s nominees to the Supreme Court

The appointment of the members of the Supreme Court  is one of the most important and sensitive functions of the President. No body of men, though unelected by the people, wields greater power and influence than the 15-man tribunal on the life, property and liberty of an individual in our society. The SC is the highest court of the land and is regarded as the…
Lyca Balita - Onwards
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Hospital bills and pandemics

MY friend’s grandfather recently had a stroke. His family spent several hours in an ambulance searching for a hospital that had space to admit him. After hours, they found one, but it didn’t have the needed medical equipment. Only one expensive hospital had the necessary equipment and available space, which happened to be a private room. After a week, he recovered enough to be discharged.…

Transfer pricing audit looms

Transfer pricing audit is inevitable. Tax authorities now have the preliminary information that they need to choose what companies to audit. BIR Form 1709, which has been submitted together with the annual income tax return, is a powerful tool for the BIR to determine what are suspicious related to party transactions. The question now is, how will the BIR perform the audit, and what should…

Shanden Vergara

IF you look up the word resilient in the dictionary, the photo of Shanden Vergara should be right beside it. The young man has worked his tail off to get to where he is, from San Carlos all the way to Harrogate, Tennessee, where the Rail Splitters of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) ply their trade. According to Football for Humanity Founder Chris Thomas, Shanden is…
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Filipino artists share their crypto art journey

One nearly gave up on an art career before trying his hand at crypto art. Another had to grapple with self-marketing in a space devoid of middlemen. Despite the varying experiences, however, everyone shared the same view that the new space is here to stay. Three early Filipino crypto art adopters shared their experiences in crypto art in a recent online forum as part of the ongoing Art…
Column box-Integrity Initiative
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European authorities scrutinize data flows leaving the EU

Allow me to highlight latest movements in Europe regarding cross border data flows and data privacy protection. I am using an update provided by the Wall Street Journal—WSJ PRO—in its CYBERSECURITY Section. Regulators and courts are asking for proof of how companies protect data that leaves the EU, going to the US but also to other parts of the world, including the Asia Pacific Economic…
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Why do people get scammed?

LET’S get to the point: people desire to be rich and gain money as soon as possible. Shortcuts, get rich real-quick scheme, double or triple your money, risk free, guaranteed returns… Sounds familiar? What’s next? Shame. Regrets. Depression. Death? Remember, there is hope and you don’t have to take away your life and embrace your foolishness. It happened because you allowed it. The…


Volkswagen T-Cross soon-to-arrive, now available for reservation

AFTER its successful preview, the Volkswagen T-Cross is finally arriving soon. In a recent online event, Volkswagen Philippines presented more details about the upcoming subcompact SUV. The Ayala-backed country distributor is confident that the vehicle’s much-anticipated arrival would herald Volkswagen’s global “refresh” in the country. Since its global…

Andrea Brillantes and gamer AkoSi Dogie face off in the most epic Rap Battle in Mobile Legends History for the 515 E-party celebration!


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Celebrating the creation of ‘robot’

In an era defined by fast-moving digital transformations and technological innovations, the word ‘robot’ has become a staple in the everyday vocabulary. But what do we know about its etymology? The term was first used in a 100-year-old play by Czech playwright Karel Čapek, titled Rossumovi…
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Viral thoughts: Why Covid-19 conspiracy theories persist

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—Daniel Roberts hadn’t had a vaccination since he was 6. No boosters, no tetanus shots. His parents taught him inoculations were dangerous, and when the coronavirus arrived, they called it a hoax. The vaccine, they said, was the real threat. So when the 29-year-old Tennessee…
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Dear Normal: Were you really that great in the first place?

Dear Normal, everyone wants you back.It seems every day of this late-stage pandemic era (In the US, that is. In these parts, in the words of former health secretary Dr. Esperanza Cabral, we are “10 steps back from square one”—Ed) is marked with someone wistfully talking about Normal: going…



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The Broader Look

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PHL climate change policy? It’s in the air

Greenpeace and other environmental organizations based in the Philippines join advocates across the globe in challenging governments to honor commitments under the Paris Agreement. The agreement, signed on December 12, 2015, seeks to limit global warming to well below 2, preferably to 1.5…