A new retail experience comes to focus

From left: FGI head of software engineering Stuart Sy, Philips personal care head of sales Alyssa Tan, FGI head of finance Angela Sy, FGI president Stephen Sy, Singaporean Ambassador Gerard Ho, FGI head of technology and innovation Andrea Sy, and Tempur account manager Craig Watson.

UNLIKE any other home store in the market, focus offers customers a fun and immersive retail experience through interactive product displays that spark the five senses—offering a glimpse into all of the possibilities for their homes. The focus store can be found at The Power Plant Mall in Makati City.

The focus Stations were designed to put each of the customers’ five senses to the test: The Sight station highlights the Posturepedic Coil Challenge by Sealy, the No.1 mattress brand in America made in partnership with the American Orthopedic Advisory Board. The Posturepedic Coils are innovative patented coils that Sealy developed to perfect the science of sleep.

In the Feel station, customers get a chance to experience Tempur’s unbelievable motion absorption feature through the Tempur Jump Zone. Here, visitors can try to knock out a stack of Jenga, tennis balls, or wine glasses by jumping, dropping weights, or by having a pillow fight.

In the Smell station, guests can try to smell and identify what’s being cooked in the Instant Pot, the No.1 cooker brand in the US beloved by millions as the revolutionary kitchen must-have for convenient and nutritious cooking. But here’s the catch: customers only get to guess within two tries and if they get it right, they will take home special and exciting prizes.

In the Taste station, visitors will be blindfolded and then asked to pick an ingredient from a mystery box. The chosen item or ingredient will be used to create a smoothie using the iconic Oster blender, the world’s most trusted blender that offers only the latest technology.

If you enjoy listening to ASMR on YouTube or on TikTok, then you’ll surely feel good and relaxed with the last station: the Hear station. In this last stop, participants will have to identify the appliances used by listening to a soothing ASMR audio of a meal prep from KitchenAid, the world’s No. 1 mixer brand that brings culinary inspiration to life.  

Meanwhile, other Experiential Stations are also set up to help customers discover more about the focus brands. In the store, they can find different vignettes adorned with lamps by Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen, which displays a soft, ambient lighting the brand is renowned for, as well as the iconic lamp designs by internationally acclaimed designers that complement each set-up.

Visitors can also test their styling skills with Philips Personal Care, a brand that combines superior technology and cutting-edge design to create the next generation of beauty, male grooming, and oral healthcare tools designed to help customers discover the best versions of themselves.

With Levoit, America’s No. 1 air purifier brand, guests can play catch where the Levoit ball is mixed with other balls inside the Levoit tube and experience the power of fresh air Levoit air purifiers can provide. Finally, guests are invited to try and blend certain recipes using Swiss-made hand blenders by Bamix, a brand trusted by chefs and food lovers around the globe.

To make the shopping experience convenient and seamless, focus promises to be an omnichannel platform by offering customers various purchase options: in-store or through the web. Customers can even browse the products in-store, scan them using their phone, and purchase online. They can also opt to purchase online and pick-up the item in the store.


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