Sweet buys at Robinsons Appliances

This Valentine’s Day, share your sweetest love with someone special by giving them a gift that will last a lifetime.

If you want to show your love and appreciation for your sweetheart, Robinsons Appliances has just the right promotion for you. For a limited time only, you can get an indulgent gift from Red Ribbon for every purchase of selected items at the Robinsons Appliance store through the Sweet Buys promo.

Apart from the sweet deals, Robinsons Appliances also offers everything you need to make your home beautiful this Valentine’s Day! Choose from a wide range of kitchen appliances, laundry equipment, cooking ranges, air conditioning units, and more!

What better way to celebrate this month of love than by giving your loved ones a gift that will make their hearts skip a beat, right? It’s a day of love, so show it with a heartwarming gift from Robinsons Appliances!

Here are some of our sweet picks for this month of hearts: 

  1. Samsung 19 Kg Combo Washer and Dryer Washing Machine

If you’ve recently been married or had a child, you’re likely in search for a washing machine. A good one. Something that works, that lasts, and can quicky get the job. You might fancy this washing machine from Samsung that’s included in thee Sweet Buys promo.

With the Samsung 19 Kg Combo Washer and Dryer Washing Machine (SKU: 37944 MODEL: SAMSUNG WD19T6500GV/TC WM FLC) detergent is converted into bubbles, allowing it to easily penetrate cloth and remove filth while conserving energy and keeping its color and texture.

You can also keep garments sanitary without using water or detergent. Air Wash technology deodorizes and sanitizes your clothes, leaving a much more pleasant odor. The  ‘Air Sanitize’ feature removes 99.9% of bacteria, as well as dust, mites, and smells. No more sweating over clothes that smell funky even after a wash! 

Get it 31% OFF with a sweet Red Ribbon Black Forest Jr. e-voucher until February 28 only. 

  1. Carrier 2.0 Hp Crystal 2 Inverter Wall Type Aircon 

Dreading the hot Philippine summers? Your spouse, significant other, or children will love you more if you get them an air conditioner that cuts costs for up to 50%! Carrier 2.0 Hp Crystal 2 Inverter Wall Type Aircon (SKU: 37578 MODEL:CARRIER FCU 42GCVBS016-303P ID) reduces the need for routine maintenance by half, letting you to enjoy clean, comfortable cooling without worrying about high maintenance costs.

Because Carrier Crystal 2 can clean itself, it requires less effort to maintain. Its Dual-Clean System efficiently removes dust, oil, and other unwanted particles. In addition, the sophisticated filtration technology of Carrier Crystal 2 reduces bacteria and virus reproduction by up to 85% by cleansing the air of dangerous microparticles as small as PM2.4.

Now, you can get this air conditioning unit from ​​Php 60,300.00 to Php 2,305.00 for a limited time only! Add-to-cart now while stocks last. 

  1. Haier 60 Cm Gas Range 3 Gas Burners & 1 Electric Plate Cooking Range

If you have a lover or family member who loves to cook, then a new range or cooktop could just be the way to their heart this Valentine’s Day.

With this Haier 60 Cm Gas Range 3 Gas Burners & 1 Electric Plate Cooking Range (SKU: 40046 MODEL: HAIER HFS-603G1E86GO RANGE), you’ll never have to worry about a gas leak or unburned gas. The buildup of unburned gas is prevented, and there is no danger of fire. It also has a cast iron pan support, allowing you to cook safely with your high-quality but hefty kitchenware. Talk about a safe and efficient gift for your loved ones!

And if you are looking to get a Red Ribbon Black Forest Jr. e-voucher and a FREE Haier Rangehood, this is the deal for you! You can get all three for less than Php 30,000.00!

  1. LG New Refrigerator with InstaView ThinQ
LG New Refrigerator with InstaView<sup>ThinQ™</sup>, front view, RVS-Q245NS

Just in case you didn’t realize it, getting a Valentine’s gift is hard. It’s extremely important to nail it because you don’t want to fail as a spouse/partner. Luckily, LG makes great appliances and your significant other is going to love their new LG fridge.

The LG New Refrigerator with InstaView ThinQ (SKU: ​​40290 MODEL: LG RVS-Q245NS SXS REF) comes with an Inverter Technology that ensures market-leading efficiency by utilizing fewer components than traditional compressors. As a result, Inverter Technology has fewer friction points, resulting in reduced noise.

The Hygiene Fresh+ feature deodorizes and removes up to 99.999% of bacteria from your fridge. There is also ample space for your produce and beverages.

For a sweet deal of 21% OFF, you can have this top-notch refrigerator with a Red Ribbon Black Forest Jr. e-voucher.

  1. Samsung 19.6 Cu.Ft. Side By Side Refrigerator

Make your home look tastefully modern and minimalist for your loved one with the Samsung 19.6 Cu.Ft. Side By Side Refrigerator (SKU: 37649 MODEL: SAMSUNG RS54N3103SL/TC REF). The Stylish Minimal Design is clean and modern in appearance. As a result, it will blend in nicely with your kitchen. It has an exquisite stainless steel finish and lovely flat doors. 

Food may be kept fresher for longer without being frozen. By improving air circulation, No Frost technology prevents the formation of ice on foods such as vegetables, ensuring that they continue to taste fresh. It also eliminates the need to defrost your refrigerator.

If you want to get the Samsung 19.6 Cu.Ft. Side By Side Refrigerator for almost Php 20,000.00 OFF, then it’s all yours until the end of February! Hurry to the website while it is still 30% OFF.

  1. Panasonic 16.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Inverter Washing Machine

Make a sweet gesture this Valentine’s Day with an equipment that is both sleek and powerful. Because you loved ones deserve the best on this day, a washing machine from Panasonic may be the perfect gift to share.

The machine’s Water Bazooka’s forceful water flow penetrates deeply into clothes, efficiently eliminating stains and detergent residue. This ensures that materials are completely clean after washing and rinsing. The Panasonic TD Inverter can also create 6x more power for higher wash and rinse performance while using less electricity – saving up to 40%* electricity.

The Panasonic 16.0 Kg Fully Automatic Top Load Inverter Washing Machine (SKU: 37820 MODEL: PANA NA-FD16V1BRM WM TL (NEW)) is now available for only Php 35,499.00. That is Php 12,000 OFF from its original price of Php 47,499.00! Talk about sweet deals this Valentine’s Day.

With Robinsons Appliances’ Sweet Buys promo, you can get a FREE Red Ribbon Black Forest Jr. e-Voucher on selected items at the website. You won’t only get deals on chosen appliances, but you’ll also get a sweet treat to top off your festivities on the day of love.

The promo runs through the whole February and can be availed at all branches of Robinsons Appliances nationwide. Once you paid for your purchases, you need to register with your receipt’s QR code. Log in your name, mobile number, transaction ID, and promo code.

Register your purchase with Robinsons Appliances within sixty (60) days of transaction and get a voucher. Any late registration beyond sixty (60) days will not be counted. Redemption of the discount code is until April 29, 2023.

Additionally, the Sweet Buys promo cannot be used in conjunction with any ongoing promotion of Robinsons Appliance. It is non-transferable, non-cumulative, cannot be exchanged for cash or products, unless otherwise provided.

This Valentine’s Day, express the sweetest type of love with Robinsons Appliances.


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