Sun Life Grepa ups number of affiliates in expansion bid

Sun Life Grepa Financial Inc. (SLGF) said the number of its affiliated partner hospitals and clinics have risen to more than 1,300 nationwide as the firm seeks to expand coverage in rural areas of the country.

The company claims in a statement it is also gaining ground in the digital landscape with its teleconsult platform being able to service at least 2,000 customers last year.

Launched last year, the company’s digital health consultation allowed its medical members to consult doctors non-physically.

“The company is expected to continue growing its current base of healthcare provider partners even further in the coming year to better service its clients,” the firm’s statement read.

“Apart from its growing list of affiliated medical providers, [the firm] also intends to make its products and services more accessible in the digital landscape,” SLGF’s statement read.

The firm will implement enhancements to its digital assets by rolling-out its “medical provider locator” application, the statement read. The app, according to the firm, “provides real-time information on the HIP [health insurance partner] hospitals, clinics and doctors nearest to the company’s members.”

“Digital transformation is one of our priorities as the market continues to pivot to digital. We need to be where the clients are so we can communicate with them and address their needs,” SLGF President Richard S. Lim was quoted in the statement as saying.


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