Powerbanks can be eco-friendly too with InfinityLab

ZERO CARBON EMISSION or CARBON FREE 2050 is the main goal of all nations. That may be 27 years away from now, but in line with this, the United Nations has encouraged all world leaders to help and embrace the 17 goals. In Rio de Janeiro back in 2012, when the UN Sustainable Development Summit was held, it set this goal, which garnered support not only from 187 countries but also from millions of corporations to do their part in saving our Mother Earth.

InfinityLab has taken its course ahead by complying with the UN SDG. They have carefully studied and carefully selected the materials that they will be using, from manufacturing, to packaging, to recycling. That is the complete cycle that they have in mind with 90% of it is completely recyclable.

How does InfinityLab do this?

InfinityLab has sourced out FSC certified materials. These materials are made from trees, such as wood, which can be 100% completely recyclable or partially recyclable. FSC is a third party organization that regulates and certifies trees that can be used in producing wooden materials. Aside from that, the packaging itself is made from soy ink, which is plant-based, so it is totally made from nature and not from any chemicals.

InfinityLab is also designed with advanced technology that keeps you safe from overheating caused by charging, and also protects the device from over voltage conditions. It is also slim and lightweight.

So the next time you choose your powerbank, go for the brand that is totally eco-friendly. Get the InfinityLab powerbank.

For any other information you need about InfinityLab, please visit infinitylab.com.ph.

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