2023 interior design trends: Happier, vibrant and eco-conscious

Spaces that enclose people will fade out as we welcome people inside of our homes.

TWENTY-TWENTY Three design trends promise happiness, with society continuing to adjust to the “new normal” as we open our doors to welcome families and friends into our homes.

Professional interior designers Katherine Ann Correa, an advocate of heritage conservation, and Markee Madolaria, a consultant and art director, noted that this is the year to create spaces that make us smile.

“To gather by being together is how we will experience design spaces in 2023,” they started. “We are out of our protective shells, yet cautious enough for our well-being, thus we ignite our social lives while still being mandated by certain health rules.”

“Spaces that enclose us will fade out,” they added. “The conundrum of whether we are safe inside or safer in an open space will definitely be answered. The designed environment will appear to have a better knowledge of what and how humans should interact with each other. A new escape, a new experience will evolve.”

Correa, the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Interior Design Program chairperson, and Madolaria are both educators under Benilde School of Environment and Design (SED). They revealed that eco-conscious homes will be popular this year.

This is following the solar revolution report of global trend forecast WGSN, a team of over 250 specialists and data scientists that curates an online library of insights and inspirations.

With the increase of gas prices, people will look for an energy source that is free, local and green.

“We want to design in harmony with the natural world while still being chic and upscale,” Correa and Madolaria stated. “We want to create a sustainable space considering climate change. It is a solid investment. That way, we can also help save the environment.”

People will continue to bring the presence of nature inside their homes, from floral wallpapers and tiles to natural touches such as wood and stones. Fluted glass and panels are likewise top choices.

“We remain interested in textures that either mimics the natural environment or the use of the natural materials itself, yet only applied in a new technology,” they shared. 

For forms, there will be more of a geo-organic approach or a play of geometrical shapes in a very refined and organic way. Arches, soft cornered cuboids and spherical items will evolve.  “The pandemic reminded us to pause,” they explained. “This year, we will be reminded how important making great memories with each other is, and how time can define spaces that are curated and connected to the user.”

Ushering in a more positive future, the powerful and empowering Color of the Year Viva Magenta (Pantone 18-750) will continue to encourage experimentation and self-expression in interior design. The professionals advised to add a right ratio of this shade toward a neutral background for a head-turning visual play.

“Viva Magenta will help create a space that denotes passion and excitement, at the same time glamorous. Depending on its glossiness or flatness, it would either pull a strong key as an accent, or place it on as textural component,” they described. “It will give birth to spaces that inspire gatherings,” they added. “The word ‘viva’ means ‘to be alive’ in Spanish. This is a call for everyone to re-experience life as we hop on another journey of human evolution.”

Correa and Madolaria confirmed that vibrant, rich, and saturated hues will define 2023, especially for open and airy layouts. Deep reds, browns, greens, as well as eye-catching pastels are in.


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