Public warned vs fake online e-travel pass

DAVAO CITY – The Bureau of Quarantine here has warned travelers to be wary of registering in an online travel pass with illegitimate online registration sites.

Dr. Noreen Espero, chief of Bureau of Quarantine Davao, said that despite a crackdown on these fake websites, “they were still able to evolve, even producing fake QRs to make it look legitimate.”

She said the traveling public would be in danger in patronizing fake e-travel pass websites that ask for fees in registering, Espero bared that four travelers have been victimized this month.

There is a website “that looks legitimate yet it would ask for payment,” she added.  

Espero said many have been victimized by the fake e-travel websites last year in Davao. Many of these ask for payments ranging from $50 to $150. She said those victimized are mostly family members traveling together.

“Worse are those websites which ask for credit card details and the victims gave their card details in the website,” she added.

“For January this year, we monitored four passengers who were victimized,” Espero said.

 “We would like to remind everybody that the registration for the e-travel pass is free,” she said

Passengers coming from overseas are required to fill-up a e-travel pass, formerly the One Health Pass and e-arrival. “The legitimate website is e-travel.gov.ph and whenever you are directed to a website that ask for payment, that is not a legitimate website of the government, we do not ask for anything,” Espero stressed. 


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