shopITOOH’s 2023 Wealth Collection ushers in prosperous Lunar New Year

Attract luck, prosperity, and wealth this year of the Water Rabbit with shopITOOH’s latest curation of household items made to inspire harmony and peace inside one’s abode.  Invite an auspicious 2023 by adding to home these unique finds that help draw in positive vibes for a year of good health and even better fortune.

Plush, Playful Finds

For overall harmony and peace

With the Rabbit symbolizing a sprightly beacon of hope, time to incorporate living rooms with plush and playful items that mirror the rabbit’s fun and cheerful nature. The Sienna Velvet Pink Dining Chair in tufted velvet is as comfortable as it is lovely. Metal finish legs, high armrests, and a stuffed backrest make it perfect for lounging in after a tiring day. 

This Pink Ceramic Bunny Animal Figurine features a modern angular bunny form that is painted in pastel pink and comes with gold accents. It’s great for tablescapes and bedsides, and would even look lovely in nurseries or living rooms. Now as far as plush covers go, the Pink Tropical Island Hues Double Sided Pillow Cover gives off an ocean vibe with a breezy palm leaf print and a horizontal purple, white, and pink stripe design.

Here’s where you can Add-to-Home these items.

Sienna Velvet Pink Dining Chair

Pink Ceramic Bunny Animal Figurine

Pink Tropical Island Hues Double Sided Pillow Cover (Magenta Back)

Azure Blue Accents

For promoting serenity & good fortune

Azure blue is deemed as 2023’s fortifying color with Water as the predominant element of the Lunar New Year. That said, homeowners can spread out blue-themed accents throughout their homes to enhance their luck and balance the energy within. Hang the Tale of Two Sisters Watercolor Painting as a charming way to invite serenity into your space.

Display this Eastwood Blue Tempered Glass Bonsai Tree on your desk, shelf, or coffee table as a refreshing statement piece. Carefully handmade by Filipino artisans using sustainably sourced materials, this unique accent adds a delicate elegance to any space. For stability and sophistication, a marble slab is used at its base. Meanwhile, the trunk and the branches have been meticulously shaped and decorated with beads in a refreshing eastwood blue. Lastly, the Risso Bedside Table Lamp Shade is a classic lighting solution that adds a dreamy elegance to your home. The base of the lamp is composed of hand-carved ceramic and glazed in robin’s egg blue. For shine, gold accents are added to the bottom and the neck. 

Here’s where you can Add-to-Home these items.

Tale of Two Sisters, watercolor painting

Eastwood Blue Tempered Glass Bonsai Tree\

Risso Bedside Table Lamp Shade

Soft Magenta Decor

For inviting warmth & balancing nature’s gifts

Bathe your homes in lighter shades of Viva Magenta, this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, as a way to give interiors a much-needed refresh. Earth-themed accents call upon the best of what nature provides to bless one’s home with its boundless gifts. Spark optimism and hope with the Decorative Bowl in Lilac. Made of recycled Mahogany wood chips and fiberglass, this catch-all highlights the natural beauty of its organic material.

Curate an inviting ambiance with the Dare Reed Diffuser in Grey-Pink. This home scent comes with the Cotton Caress fragrance that features fresh notes of orange blossom and a gentle aroma of musk. Promote abundance with Agate’s flowing, calming energy with these Agate Crystal Bookends. Lush agate stones enveloped in gold-painted edges create the perfect balance when keeping your books neatly stored together.

Here’s where you can Add-to-Home these items.

Decorative Bowl in Lilac Finish

Dare Reed Diffuser Grey-Pink

Agate Crystal Bookends (Set of 2)

Every Lunar New Year brings an opportunity to start anew. This 2023, manifest the life you want to live by investing in a well-curated space that nurtures prosperity, abundance, and wealth. Shape your dream life into reality from the comfort of your own home with shopITOOH today.


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