Empowering employees’ mental health tops energy firm’s priorities

IN ADDITION to worrying about contracting the virus, Covid-19 also leads to anxiety and depression, especially for those who are not mentally strong to handle such a situation.

According to the World Health Organization, the uncertainties and changes brought about by the pandemic spark serious mental health problems.

In view of this, Aboitiz Power Corp. (AboitizPower) recognized the likely psychological distress and responded by adopting a mental health program for its workforce.

In fact, the energy company launched the kAPit program in 2020. The program offers life coaching sessions, individual and group counseling, and 24/7 crisis hotlines to help address the employees’ mental well-being.

Derived from the Tagalog word “kapit,” which means to endure or keep going in difficult times, this initiative aims to make mental health support available and accessible.

Through its partnership with mental health services provider PowerVision EAP, kAPit reinforces the firm’s priority of fostering a safe and connected community by normalizing conversations around mental health struggles and addressing the stigma.

”The mere act of talking to someone really helps unburden us, especially from things we have no control over or thoughts that just ultimately overwhelm us,” said Doreen Manalang, one of AboitizPower’s employees who received counseling services from such undertaking at the height of the pandemic.

“I remember sending a request to talk to someone at night while I was in bed, overthinking. I received an immediate response and scheduled a conversation with a counselor the next day,” she shared.

Because the Aboitiz Group’s power arm does not only care for its employees, kAPit also extends assistance even to their family members.

“The benefits are competitive, and it also trickles down to my family, who also needs it. There is also a wide range of perks kAPit offers that helps us improve our overall health and well-being,” Manalang added.

Due recognition

BECAUSE of the positive outcomes of its employee welfare programs and initiatives, AboitizPower was feted as a regional exemplar of the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) 2022 Employer of the Year.

AboitizPower President and Chief Executive Officer Manny Rubio, who received the award, underscored that in striving to fulfill its role of empowering and inspiring, the company must start from within.

“To achieve our aspirations, we must leverage our most valuable resources—our team members,” he said.

It not only cultivates an agile and resilient workforce; AboitizPower also gives the benefits of mental health to its people to make them feel safe, valued and empowered.

“We are on the brink of the biggest transition as we transform our company as a techglomerate and carry out our purpose of transforming energy for a better future. We are excited about what tomorrow holds for us, especially knowing that we have a wonderful workforce that will power through this journey,” Rubio stressed.


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