OPM vinyl releases to look forward to in 1st Quarter of 2023

Some 51 records from independent artists and labels were released this past 2022, and it looks like 2023 is going to be even bigger. There will still be reissues but there will be a lot more first-time releases and new music.

The following titles will be available on vinyl in the very first quarter of 2023.

Endings of A New Kind – Taken by Cars (Party Bear Records)

The debut album from retro new wavers Taken By Cars will be finally available, thus completing the release of all three albums on vinyl.

When the album was first released on compact disc in 2008, it stood out with its energy and its revitalizing sound by bringing back that New Wave sound. The vinyl release coincides with its 15th anniversary.

Love In the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream – Orange&Lemons (Plaka Express Records)

The debut album was rerecorded several years ago by the reformed Orange&Lemons as a three-piece outfit (they are now back to a quartet). At that time, I asked Clem Castro, who has been a very good friend of mine in the last decade, if we could put this out on vinyl.

The vinyl record was supposed to be out this past summer but after some delays, it will be out in late 2022 or early January as a two-record set. Just in time for the album’s 20th anniversary.

Gintong Musika at Panahon – Maria Cafra (Eikon Records)

The story about this third album by these Pinoy Rock legends was I caught them at a show at 70s Bistro. And while chatting with guitarist, singer, and songwriter Resty Fabunan, I intimated releasing new material in time for the band’s 50th-anniversary release this 2023.

It turns out that Resty had written quite a few new songs with the band performing them in the last year or so. The recording process began right before the pandemic and was finished only in a marathon session this November.

It’s a hard-rocking album that will remind some of Wolfgang and of course, their 70s style. They pay tribute as well to Pepe Smith, Wally Gonzalez, Mike Hanopol, and Sampaguita.

2-Week Panic – Brownbeat All-Stars (Psychedelic Juice Records)

Another of my projects is this second and independent release from the Brownbeat All-Stars from 2005. Am working with this new indie label for the first time.

Smelly Smiley Stinky Dinkies – Chain Gang (Backspacer Records)

I saw this all-female crew during the early 90s right before the band explosion led by their university mates, the Eraserheads. I saw them multiple times at the old Club Dredd and even had their cassette.

While working on Betrayed’s vinyl release of Then & Now, the band’s guitarist Boyet Miguel put me in touch with the girls. After several months of talking and planning, we brought this project over to our friends from Backspacer Records.

And… it’s here. Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Smelly Smiley Stinky Dinkies on white vinyl.

Ame II – Victor MK II (Kind of Blue Records)

Victor MKII has got to be one of the more prolific lo-fi electronic artists of the last few years. He averages around three releases a year on cassette and vinyl format. And the delectable electronic hip-hop he makes is wrapped around gorgeous anime-style art.

And this is the sequel to his beloved Ame album. I just can’t wait.

A Drop Into Blue — The Bloomfields (CDs Atbp.)

The fourth album by this hard-rocking band (released in 2019) is probably their best album thus far. And you have to give it to these guys at CD Atbp. who have made this their second-ever vinyl release.

Good to see this hard-working band get their props.

Choke Cocoi (Delusion of Terror/SPHC Records/Love Form Hate)

Four years after their split seven-inch extended play single with “Tiger Pussy,” these hardcore heroines have their debut full-length album out early this 2023. Know how this band became underground favorites.

Deeper It Goes – Sauna (Still Ill Records)

Defunct metalcore band Sauna didn’t hang around too long after their one and only album, Deeper It Goes, was released in 2008. But this band and their music – heavily influenced by American band Converge – left behind one album that is still talked about to this day. A tightly-wound stick of C4 waiting to explode. That is what this wicked sound is all about. For those unable to get the compact disc of Deeper It Goes, it will be on vinyl this first quarter.


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