2023: The year of indie Filipino vinyl

If there is any indication of the return and continuous growth of vinyl as a physical medium for music releases, consider this…. in the year 2022, there were 50 – yes, you read that right – independent releases on vinyl whether via 7,10, or 12-inch.

That is not counting the reissues by the major labels who are merely cashing in and do not really care for the industry.

What we like in the independent sellers and labels is how they do it right. Meaning – outstanding printing of the jacket in standard or gatefold form with pictures, liner notes, inserts, stickers, pins, booklets, and whatnot. They take the time to remaster them specifically for vinyl and they make proper remuneration to the artists.

That is why the indie movement is more meaningful. The resurgence of vinyl is mainly because of these independent stores and artists themselves.

We saw that even at the start and height of the pandemic, sales of vinyl – both foreign and local did not slow down at all. It even increased meteorically. And the buyers of these titles aren’t necessarily the same as the others. Not everyone will purchase, say indie rock as opposed to metal. Each band, each genre, has its own audience.

Not all digital music listeners will purchase physical copies. It is the same with vinyl enthusiasts – not all will patronize the digital versions.

Furthermore, the sales were not just on a national level, but also international. And this helps push Filipino music out there.

This 2022 is the first time since 1991 where we have seen voluminous vinyl production locally.

The indie sellers and artists have their music pressed either in the United States, Eastern Europe, Taiwan, or Hong Kong.

Here’s the list:

  1. Dawn of Cataclysm – Ataul
  2. Kitchie Nadal
  3. Six True Mentals Vol.3 – Six the Northstar
  4. Ciudad
  5. Filipino – Dong Abay
  6. Sleeper’s Paradise – Various Artists
  7. Locked Down Since 2002 – Various Artists
  8. Autonimbus – Nonentities
  9. Haru Kaze – Victor MKII
  10. Discotrillion – Narda
  11. Alert Level – Various Artists
  12. Pagbigkas – Dicta License
  13. The Jerks
  14. The Jerks Live – The Jerks
  15. Brain Salad
  16. Blunt Instrument – Kapitan Kulam
  17. Parallel Uno
  18. What Mek Rasta – Sistah Lore Meets Soulsteppa
  19. Culture Cow – Tarsius
  20. Sudden Pictures – Polyphonic Vision
  21. New Wave 1986-87 Recordings – Ethnic Faces
  22. You Look So F***ing Empty Without Me – Space-Ta with Tarsius
  23. Critical Times – Ras Taro/Red-I
  24. Dubplate Pressure Records: Macka B, Ranking Joe, Earl Cunningham, Red-I.
  25. Fatigue – Assembly Generals
  26. Affinity – Johnny Alegre
  27. The Bones We Used to Share – Brick City
  28. Danum
  29. Dead Girl – Noa Mal
  30. Laurent Legs – Space-Ta
  31. Kjwan
  32. Pirata – The Youth
  33. 98-05 – Eggboy
  34. Kagid
  35. Then & Now – Betrayed
  36. Greatest Hits – Bras Pas Pas Pas Pas
  37. The Class
  38. Tales from the Alley – Lampano Alley
  39. Pilipinas Hardcore III – Various Artists
  40. All This Time – Itchyworms
  41. Habangbuhay – Ebe Dancel
  42. Weld – Squid 9
  43. From Fiery Tongues – Basalt Shrine
  44. Fuzz Sounds – Spacedog Spacecat
  45. Sitcom Theme Songs – The Geeks
  46. Don’t Blame the Wild One – Ena Mori
  47. RJ and the Riots
  48. The Awakening – Kiss the Bride
  49. Papuri Kay Sathanas – Kambing/Ebwa
  50. Fundamental Task – Rastaveli Meets Red-I

If 2022 was massive for independent artists and labels, 2023 is going to be even bigger.


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