Make every day rewarding with Cream-O Premium

When was the last time you gave yourself a treat? There are days when you’re busy and you forget to celebrate YOU. But you can always change that.

You deserve a reward to boost your mood and get more motivated as you accomplish your goals. One delightful and satisfying treat you can get for yourself is Cream-O Premium. It’s the well-loved Cream-O Vanilla cookie sandwich that is made extra premium and indulgent with a rich chocolate coating. It comes in a single pack that you can enjoy for yourself, or a box of 12 that’s perfect for sharing (and even for gifting this Christmas season). It’s a great everyday reward to munch on after every completed task, such as:

Finishing all the house chores

Cleaning every corner of your home is no easy feat, so kudos to you (and your housemate/s) if you manage to finish all your chores.

Submitting a report you worked hard on

If you’re one of those students who spent days or weeks working on a research paper, you definitely deserve to celebrate your hard work. After doing your group assignment, you and your schoolmates can relax and share a few packs of Cream-O Premium.

Hanging Christmas Home Decorations

The holiday season is fast approaching. It’s time to bring out the Christmas decorations from the storage, and start setting up the Christmas tree. Dedicate an entire weekend and prep your home for the holidays and don’t forget to reward yourself after.

Completing your Christmas shopping list

Holiday sales are popping up. Writing down a list can help move along things faster, and will keep the shopping spree organized. Pick a weekend and get a head start with your Christmas gift list. Once you’ve completed your shopping list, make sure to indulge in a pack or two of Cream-O Premium.

Opening a business with your loved one

Homegrown businesses can help you and your loved ones with everyday expenses. Whatever business you choose to pursue, it’s important to reward yourselves after reaching a sales target or simply getting through a busy day.

Finding time for rest

Yes, finding me-time can be considered an accomplishment, especially after a hectic work week. Just sit back and relax, watch a movie, and pamper yourself while snacking on Cream-O Premium.

No matter how big or small, a win deserves to be rewarded and shared with those important to us. With Cream-O Premium, you can experience the Happiness of a Cream-Oholic with its irresistible and indulgent chocolate flavor.

And with Christmas just around the corner, you can even add Cream-O Premium in your gift baskets and self-care packages for your friends.

Get this everyday reward as a treat for yourself or as a gift to loved ones on Lazada, and at your nearest supermarket and convenience stores. Cream-O is available in single packs and a box of 12.

For more information, follow Cream-O’s Facebook page.


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