Blind Spot

THIS beautiful girl and her boyfriend, a very rich man, went on a trip to Europe and she is said to have been expecting a proposal. Before they left, the beautiful girl got a manicure and a pedicure so her hands would be camera ready just in case the big moment came. A few days into the trip, the proposal didn’t happen. The beautiful girl got another manicure and pedicure, just in case. But, again, the big moment never came. The couple came home and there was still no proposal, which wasn’t surprising. The rich man loves the beautiful girl but he has no plans of marrying her at the moment. She also isn’t the first celebrity he has dated but she may yet be his great love. It’s just that, according to his family, she needs to bring more to the table than just her beautiful face.

IN certain circles, the young actress is known to be relentless and aggressive when it comes to the men she likes and pursues. One of these men is the actor who she pursued when she was a minor and the guy was in a relationship. The actor treated the young actress as a colleague and friend. Little did he know that she had been plotting to make it appear that they were in a relationship so the girlfriend would break off her relationship with the actor. And this really happened. However, the actor refused to have anything to do with the young actress romantically. Finally, she found another guy who also didn’t like her at first but since they were in a locked-in taping and they were constantly thrown into each other’s company, they became a couple.

THIS sexy actress has been asked out by a handsome actor. The actress likes the actor but she is wary about men. Her past relationship ended because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her. So she’s wondering if the handsome actor has also asked other girls to go out with him. The thing about this actor, who has a very handsome face and a great body, is that most people think he is gay, or they see him as a playboy. The actress is one of those people who sees the actor as a playboy so now she’s still deciding if she’ll accept his invitation to go out.
THE controversial actress-TV host does not know that her husband, who’s had a history of cheating, is seeing another woman again. Unlike the actress he once dated, this new girl has housing privileges. The husband, who used to be jobless before, now has a regular source of income so he rented a place where his “side-chick” could live. The wife, meanwhile, is unaware of the situation and still believes her husband is loyal to her. The guy actually married her because of fame and fortune. For several years, she supported him and his family because no one, except his dad, had a job.


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