Tips for holiday shopping at the mall

Christmas is just around the corner. And it only means one thing — shopping for gifts!

This task can be exciting but it is also associated with last-minute buying and panicking.  And with lots of parties going on before the actual Christmas, it’s hard to squeeze in enough time to shop for gifts.

If you dread crowded malls, scarce parking spaces, lengthy lines at the cash register, and settling for alternatives when certain items are sold out, you are not alone! But don’t worry because your trusted Robinsons Malls is giving a few simple tips to beat the holiday rush so you can enjoy your shopping and still remember the joy of giving.

Start early

Nothing beats starting early even in shopping. There are grand sales and discounts you can avail of even if you shop ahead of time. And, you’ll have more options as compared to shopping last minute. 

Avoid mall peak hours

Even if a lot of people are working from home these days, malls can get a bit crowded especially on weekends or on the day right after payday. When you go gift shopping, avoid the malls during their peak hours (between noon and 2 PM with another spike in foot traffic between 4 PM until closing). There will be less stress for you to shop when fewer people are shopping with you. Plus, you lessen your risk of catching a virus as you try to search for the perfect gift. Simply put, enjoy hassle-free shopping during off-peak hours. 

Create a list and never miss a thing

Don’t underestimate the power of a list. By having a To Buy list, you can avoid forgetting what you need and going back and forth to a store. You can also estimate the time you need to shop because you already know what you have to purchase as well as the store you need to go to.

Got a shopping list but have no time to shop? Upload your list on and they’ll have someone buy the items for you!

Give e-gift cards and certificates

You can never go wrong by giving your ‘inaanak’ gift e-gift cards and certificates. Not only you’ve saved Mother Earth by getting rid of unnecessary waste, but you also get to reduce your shopping time by purchasing GCs online. You can also give them the freedom on what they’d want to do with your gift– a total win-win situation!

Dash to the mall while at home

Holiday shopping can be quite crazy, especially the last-minute ones. But with online shopping services like, you can just pull up the chair and check out your virtual cart right from the comfort of your home. Sure there are shipping fees and all but you’re not just saving gas and money, but you are also saving time and reserving your energy for more important things.

Having nightmares about battling the crowds during the holiday? Avoid the stress and do your shopping at home or in the office with! A hyperlocal online shopping service, lets users order a variety of items from participating Robinsons Malls all in one go and have these picked up or delivered straight to their doorstep. The on-demand shopping service is available to customers within an 8-kilometer radius from either Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Las Piñas, Robinsons Ilocos, Robinsons Antipolo, or Robinsons Manila. comes in handy for those who need to shop but don’t have the luxury of time to go to the mall themselves. Make your holiday gift shopping easier, safer, and more convenient with!


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