Advincula: Skills without values is ‘dangerous’

Cardinal Jose Advincula ordains five new deacons at the Manila Cathedral on November 19.

Ordaining five men to the diaconate, Cardinal Jose Advincula of Manila reminded them that knowledge without integrity is inadequate.

Ministering his second diaconate ordination in the archdiocese, the cardinal used his homily to describe how the new deacons, who will serve in parishes, would minister to the people.

According to him, service in the church is not just about functions and ministry is not just about responsibilities.

“More than what we do, service is who we are. Skills without values could be dangerous,” Advincula said at the Manila Cathedral on November 19.

To further drive his point, he said that there are people who are smart and capable but they use them in bad things.

“What are talents and intelligence anyway if used in the wrong way? What are abilities and skills for if used for personal gain?” the cardinal added.

The newly ordained deacons are Kim Joshua Bibon, Albert Adrian David, Jesus Madrid Jr., Mark Francis Campit, LRMS and Christopher Crucero, LRMS.

Advincula pointed out that since to be a deacon is to be a servant, service in the Church “always springs from our remaining in love of Jesus.”

“Those who serve others without remaining in Jesus might serve for the wrong reasons,” he said. “It is in remaining in Jesus that our service and ministry become authentic.”

“If our service is borne out of our remaining in Jesus, then we will serve for the right reasons, with the right intentions, and with the right attitude,” he added. CBCP News

Image credits: RCAM-AOC


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