Financial advisor: Having helped clients a bonus for simple, but not easy, job


PRIDE is a deadly sin for some. For Kimberly Anne Zandueta, it’s how she feels with her job as financial advisor of the Manufacturers Life Insurance Co. (Manulife).

Zandueta said that pride comes from knowing she can help people understand the importance of financial security.

A financial advisor helps breadwinners establish financial stability by teaching them how to secure their hard-earned money, she said. Hands of parents are also held when building their child’s educational fund, according to her.

Zandueta said the job gives her the opportunity to help Millennials and Gen Zs prepare for their dreams and future towards a comfortable retirement.

“Being a financial advisor is such a fulfilling job. It can be simple but it is not easy,” she said. “We make sure that day in and day out, we are able to at least touch lives and make a positive impact on every single person we meet.”

Zandueta, to note, is the youngest Financial Advisor of the Year in Manulife Philippines’s history. She is also a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a prestigious organization of top financial agents.

Daily aim

HER daily aim to “touch lives” became more evident during the lockdown measures the government imposed to stem Covid-19 infection. Just like everyone, I was also frightened when the pandemic happened, Zandueta said.

Further, she said she was a bit lost where to start. As the pandemic became stubborn and stayed longer in the country, I realized I had to step up and roll with the punches, Zandueta said.

She reached out to her clients and checked on them and their loved ones. She said she also reassured them she is accessible and, if they need someone to talk to, they can just go to her. She was always ready and willing to listen.

The pandemic taught Zandueta that her job as a financial advisor plays a very important role in very difficult times. That alone motivated me to reach out to more people, she said.

Zandueta said she also realized that it’s important to upgrade her mindset for success and to always focus on the positive. “In that way, it will be easier for you to look for the silver lining in every situation.”


ZANDUETA said the MDRT Club plays a big role in her career. Personally, she believes the MDRT puts her in an environment of positivity and constant growth.

Attending the MDRT annual meeting is a lovely experience as it gives an opportunity to connect, amplify and strengthen goals to become a successful financial advisor, she said.

“MDRT is like a marathon running with people who are motivated to run faster. These people inspire me in so many ways and that makes me a better person—individually and professionally.”

Zandueta is a seven-time member of the MDRT. The MDRT is a global and independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals. Further, Zandueta was awarded “Court of the Table” for her stellar track records 2018 and 2021. She was also a “Top of the Table” member once. She received a Star Master Builder award as well.

Mom’s role

THE 29-year-old Zandueta credits what she is today to her mom.

She said her mother played a big role in her chosen career as a financial advisor at Manulife. After finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree, major in Mass Communication and minor in Development Communication from Saint Scholastica’s College Manila, Zandueta said she always wanted a performance-based job wherein she’s compensated based on the effort she puts in. Interestingly, Zandueta is a second-generation advisor.

“My mom has been in the business for almost 20 years. I believe that my mom was the main reason why I pursued this career.”

Zandueta’s fascination with the job started when she was brought by her mother in her younger days to client calls, company events, awards nights and incentive trips. Thus, she found her mother’s job lovely. She also said her mother’s job provided well for the family and, at the same time, was able to balance family and career, never missing any important school events.

However, contrary to the perception of many, her mother did not recruit Zandueta to work at Manulife. She actually tried to discourage her daughter and urged her to try the corporate world first, meet new people and build her personal network.

“But I didn’t listen. I pursued the career,” Zandueta said. “And the rest is history.”


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