AUTO iCON ushers in multi-brand car dealerships

Just few of the various car brand on display during the ICONIC DRIVE 2022 display event held in Alabang Town Center

AUTO iCON is a newly established leading premium auto group south of Metro Manila, offering nine distinct automotive brands. The company is guided by its apparent mission to provide freedom of movement for all through distinctive, appealing, affordable, and sustainable mobility solutions.

Recently, the new auto group held an event dubbed “ICONIC DRIVE 2022” in Alabang Town Center, showcasing various car brands under its chain of dealerships. Gracing the event was no less than President and CEO of Automotive Icon Inc. Dexter Co. “We are officially launching AUTO ICON, the merging of Automotive Icon and Autospectrum. Auto Icon will offer nine premium brands from countries like Germany, the US, China, Japan, and France. All these dealers are in the south. Clients looking to buy new vehicles can visit our event in Alabang Town Center, Corte de las Palmas. Our team will be delighted to assist them.”

Automotive Icon Inc. Vice President for Operations Cris Bofill and Automotive Icon Inc. President and CEO Dexter G. Co.

After merging with Autospectrum Corp., established in October 2003, Automotive Icon Inc. cemented its ground as the new multi-brand car dealer last September 2022 and formed “AUTO iCON.” As the new Auto group in the Philippine market dealing with nine car brands, the company’s strength lies in the breadth of its iconic brand portfolio.

The new company offers a wide array of car brands, such as Chrysler, Dodge, GAC Motor, Jeep, Mazda, Mercedes- Benz, Morris Garages, Peugeot, and RAM. Further, AUTO iCON offers a full spectrum of choices, from luxury premium, mainstream passenger vehicles, and SUVs to pick-ups. They provide light commercial vehicles, dedicated mobility, financing, parts, and services brands.

AUTO iCON can consistently exceed customers’ evolving needs and expectations while creating superior value for all stakeholders. Its people’s diversity and passion are deeply rooted in the very communities in which it operates.

Also present during the launch event was Automotive Icon Inc. Vice President for Operations Cris Bofill. “ICONIC DRIVE 2022 intends to highlight new models, promos, test drives, and premium services we can offer. This event is a one-stop shop for valued clients looking for the perfect vehicle for their needs, as they can choose from nine brands in one place,” he said.

Brand Identity

The AUTO iCON brand identity is made up of specific premium dealers in a set order to create a unique system offering premium customer services. Following the guidelines ensures that the company consistently adapts these premium dealers’ standards across messages and platforms. It should be the same AUTO iCON delivering the same message and benefits whenever and wherever our audience encounters our brand.

Image credits: Randy S. Peregrino, AUTO iCON


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