Music, food, unique finds and lots of fun

From left: Ichi Yabut, head of Makati Tourism Board; Mel Ignacio, senior head of Makati Estate; Chrissy Roa, head of marketing and communication, Ayala Land Estate; and Sheilla Aguilar, head of Makati Estate.

Makatizens and visitors all flocked to Paseo de Roxas last weekend as Ayala Land Inc. and Make It Makati launched its “It All Happens in Makati” campaign with a dynamic street meet that brought together some of the city’s well-known and best-kept food and lifestyle offerings and establishments.

The event showcased how multifaceted Makati is—being far beyond just the financial center it is most known for. From well-followed incognito food critic “Masarap ba?” pop quiz, insider information on the city’s secret spots, free-flowing Heineken Silver beer, to rousing sets by The Authority band, and great beats by DJ Agnes, the launch was a fitting start to a slew of things to come.  

The Sarsa food station

David Celdran and Nicole Andersson, both Makati enthusiasts, served as event hosts and revealed some insights and their very own faves about the world-class city. We all know that everything happens in Makati, but the event proved that there’s even more to look forward to.

Makaturismo’s Ichi Yabut presented details on the interesting and fun Makati walking tours and their collaboration underlining, “There is so much to see around Makati, and it truly is a destination.” JC Cailles of Fine Dining Manila announced teaming up with Make It Makati as their new “resident fine dining guy.” Everyone can anticipate regular content from him on their social-media pages. Make It Makati is also collaborating with Jungo TV to launch an exclusive channel to provide more interactive content to the public.

Soul food truck

Ayala Land Estate head for Makati Shiella Aguilar spoke about the ever-changing Makati skyline, particularly the newest additions including Tower Two within the Ayala Triangle Gardens, which design-wise blends the architecture of a premier office building with that of the green space of the gardens. There is also the Samsung Performing Arts Theater at Circuit Makati; and One Ayala, a terminal to ensure better commuting experiences for Makatizens with its queueing system and various loading bays.


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