It’s raining singles this August

NOBITA – “Paano Uusad?”

Five-piece act Nobita’s new single “Paano Uusad?” captures someone’s inability to move on after the tragic demise of a loved one. The heartfelt track weaves a melodic pop-rock sound with bluesy riffs and tasteful guitar solos

According to the band, the song was inspired by an OPM icon who took his life due to depression. “It’s all about the people who keep wondering why they were left behind by someone dear to them.” Nobita said, “Jae wrote a song while watching the livestream of the late icon’s wife, struggling to put into words how it felt to cope with the loss of a special someone.”

The track is accompanied by a music video directed by John Selirio, who shared “The concept has something to do with the 5 stages of grief. I wanted to capture that vibe in its most intimate form.”

ANY NAME’S OKAY – Leaving Home EP

Filipino alternative pop band Any Names Okay has finally dropped their much-awaited sophomore EP titled Leaving Home. The 6-track release digs deeper into the journey of navigating adulthood and embracing the uncertainties in the process.
“As a band, we’re maturing in our songwriting and the way that we operate as creatives,” shared the five-piece outfit. “We want to grow old with our listeners—which can be scary, but very exciting. A lot of those fears and joys can be found in this collection of songs.”

Its focus track “Takbo” is one of the standout cuts in the EP as it tackles breaking free from burnout and hustle culture. The release of the song comes with a visual that encapsulates the feeling of weightlessness in all that running.

O.F. (OWFUCK) – ‘Di Na Tama”

This single offers a preview of an upcoming full-length project from O.F. (Owfuck). The track infuses a gritty attitude to a more matured lyricism from group members Astro, Lexus, and Paul Cassimir. It moves with a hypnotic flow expected of any Owfuck song but with a more calculated pace and newfound strength in balance. With the a single being this powerful, hip-hop fans could expect nothing less than the best when it comes to Owfuck’s long-awaited album.

OF MERCURY – “Enough”

Filipino alternative soul/rock outfit of Mercury powers through a kind of love that knows no bounds in their new single “Enough,” Written collectively by the band, the song deals how relationships grow stronger over time with accepting compromises and weathering storms as partners and as individuals.

The eclectic trio shares, “Enough” is all about the doubt you had in your relationship. It’s a whole cloud of questions in your head where you wonder if you’re worth it to someone knowing the kind of things that you go through as a human. But in this bombardment of doubt and struggle, you realize that that person would love you regardless of the mistakes you made, regardless of the things you’ve done. With that kind of love in your life, that is something that you can never get enough of.”

JASON DHAKAL – “Can’t Get Enough”

Contemporary queer R&B singer-songwriter Jason Dhakal’s latest song titled “Can’t Get Enough” starts off soft and dreamy before launching into an all-out fun uptempo neo-soul song about queer love at its peak. Complete with live guitars, keys, horns and  drums that keep you off your feet, Jason’s unique sound offers an impressive array, full of sultry passion rooted in fearlessly speaking, writing and living his own truth.

Born and raised in Oman, Jason set out for his motherland in 2017 to pursue an independent life in and of music in Manila. He marked his breakthrough with his critically-acclaimed debut EP ‘Night In’ in 2018, which saw collaboration tracks with Jess Connelly and dot.jaime.

PSVLM – “Leave The Club”

The song tells the story of a supposed broken girl who searches for whatever temporary satisfaction she could get in the club. It exposes a common youth culture where temporary love can be found in the loud, crowded, and wild club setting.

The use of a very dark bass and drowned pads throughout the song sets up an ‘after the party’ vibe to introduce some intimacy in the softer parts of the song. The man behind the song, Psalm Timothy R. Molano, also known as Psvlm, is an R&B artist from Iloilo who keeps his sound fresh by experimenting with the fusion of pop and hip-hop in his releases.


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