PLATZ introduces Japanese electric bed for senior citizens

ONOJO, Japan—In August 2022, the Japanese electric bed for elderly brand PLATZ introduced a bed for the elderly that can be powered up and has a guardrail, which is suitable for senior citizens who have difficulty getting up and are at risk of falling.

According to the Technical Guidelines for Falls Intervention in the Elderly issued by the Chinese Ministry of Health, falls are the leading cause of injury-related death among the elderly over 65 years old in China. In addition to the death of the elderly, falls also lead to a large number of disabilities and affect the physical and mental health of the elderly. It is estimated that an average of 40 million elderly people in China fall once a year.

For example, getting out of bed in the morning or at night is a high-incidence scene of falls in the elderly. For different scenarios, in addition to strengthening the stability of the bed and guardrails, the PLATZ Bed for the Elderly also provides users with free home-based fall prevention consulting services. These include fall risk assessment for the elderly, risk assessment of the home environment, and provision of corresponding improvement programs.

The model Ai Fukuhara’s mother injured her lower back two years ago and needed a wheelchair for daily activities. Therefore, Ai Fukuhara has always been very concerned about the safety and health of the elderly. “My mother was hurt, so my heart aches for her,” she said.

For the safety and health of parents all over the world, Ai Fukuhara said that she will fully support PLATZ to work with caring brothers and sisters to solve the problem of preventing falls in the elderly. AP


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