Editorial Cartoon August 10, 2022

Image credits: Jimbo Albano


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Russian grain exports to Africa hit by sanctions

Russia’s help for the poor countries of Africa for the supply of grains and fertilizers—with some free of charge—are affected by Western sanctions, a deplorable situation given the fact that the donation is actually meant to satisfy the grumbling stomachs of the poor in that continent. This fact has been brought out by no less than Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in a speech at the UN General Assembly where he cited that the Western sanctions imposed on Russia prevented the supply of grain as well as fertilizers to the poor of Africa.

Siegfred Bueno Mison, Esq.
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Roger Roger

When I was in the Army, I performed some radio operator duties, sending our Daily Operations Report from time to time. The DOR is sent to inform higher headquarters the state of my infantry company. On the receiving end, after going through 10 status reports, which usually end with the Morale of Troops as “High,” the recipient says “Roger” after receiving a transmission—simply saying “R” for “received.” I do not know the origins of the term “Roger,” but the practice of saying “Roger” stuck in my personal vocabulary. It became my way of telling someone that I understand his instructions, to which millennials say “noted” these days.

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Road emancipation

Land emancipation was the battle cry of many revolutions in the past two to three centuries. From lands across Europe to the Americas and in Asia to include our country, it was agrarian reform or the emancipation of the masses from the hold of the landowners whose lands they toiled for generations that brought about many a nation’s journey to democratic change and economic development. And while we have achieved much progress in freeing our farmers from land slavery, there appears to be another platform of societal disparity that is now heavily burdening the greater majority of our people.