Editorial Cartoon August 08, 2022

Image credits: Jimbo Albano


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Why government needs to fund Libreng Sakay program

The total number of employed persons in the Philippines reached about 44 million in 2021. The Philippine Statistics Authority said that based on the July 2019 Labor Force Survey, the National Capital Region has about 9.38 million people aged 15 years old and over. Of this number, about 5.77 million are part of the labor force.

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Manipulation of facts and blatant disinformation

The column by Mr. Lito Gagni published in BusinessMirror on September 26 contains a series of quotes from the Russian leadership defending their ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine and blaming others (“the West”) for its catastrophic consequences. In that regard, the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines would like to set up the record straight on some of the many inaccuracies, manipulation of facts and blatant disinformation that appear in the text: