January-July dengue log shows 106% spike

Dengue, zika and chikungunya fever mosquito (aedes aegypti) on human skin

THE latest National Dengue Data from the Department of Health (DOH) showed cases reached 82,597 from January 1 to July 16, cumulatively, or 106 percent higher than the reported cases in the same period last year.

The dengue cases recorded during the same period in 2021 was 40,096.

Cumulatively, most dengue cases were reported from: Region III (13,449, 16 percent); Region VII (8,905, or 11 percent); and National Capital Region (6,884, or 8 percent).

In the recent period (June 19 to July 16) where 20,261 cases were recorded, the region with the highest number of cases are: Region III: 4,629 cases (23 percent); Region II: 2,151 (11 percent); and National Capital Region: 1,985 (10 percent).

Ten out of 17 regions exceeded the epidemic threshold in the past four weeks (June 19 to July 16) with Regions II, Mimaropa, and Cordillera Autonomous Region, showing a sustained increasing trend from June 19 to July 16.

Nationally, there were 319 deaths reported: in January, 36 deaths; February, 31; March, 39; April, 46; May, 63; June, 72; and July, 32.

“In light of reaching the epidemic thresholds, The Department of Health strongly calls on the general public, and together with our local government units, to adhere and exercise the 4 o’clock habit or the 4S Strategy: S – Search and destroy breeding places, S – Secure self-protection, S – Seek early medical consultation, S – Support fogging/spraying in hot spot areas,” the DOH said.

The DOH has directed hospitals and clinics to provide their patients with dengue fast lanes at their emergency areas for prompt diagnosis and management of cases.

“Hospitals and clinics may use rapid diagnostic tests for nonstructural protein 1 or NS1 to aid in screening. Report all cases to the local epidemiology and surveillance unit,” the DOH said.

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