How YouTube creators are making an impact on the lives of their fans

YouTube has become a haven for entertainment, learning, or even a way to pass the time while on a long commute, or while waiting for the end of a long day.

Days become busier and sometimes people need a little pick-me-up with feel-good stories. So if you’re one of those people who need a sprinkling of positivity in your life (or know someone who does), take a gander and visit these YouTubers who aim to spread the good vibes.

Small Laude

She’s a socialite known for shopping sprees across the globe, but Small Laude’s charm lies in her candor, her humor, and her down-to-earth personality. At the height of the pandemic in 2020, she decided to share her blessings by sponsoring a weekly feeding program for the homeless at the Daughters of Saint Anne Convent in Quezon City.

Called Small Saturdays, Small, her husband Philip Laude and friend Giselle Sanchez go to the convent and feed almost 100 people every Saturday across Quezon City. “It’s only about 100 people and I feel good [doing it],” she said in her vlog. She also echoed one of the sister’s comments that they may not be able to solve all the problems in the world, but at least “they can do a little.”

Her small act of charity has led her viewers to be inspired, with Namii Choz saying, “You gave us laughter and now you’re touching our hearts with your generosity. It’s the best time to use ‘Sana all!’ They say na our goal is not to go to heaven but to bring heaven here on Earth. These people are making the first steps and I hope a lot will follow. Thank you for this great content, Ms. Small, and indeed God bless you and your fam more!”

Chef RV Manabat

CHEF RV Manabat is more than just a celebrity chef: he’s a culinary instructor who uses his YouTube channel to teach Filipinos simple recipes that they use to start their own food business.

After his milky cheesy donuts and empanada went viral with viewers commenting that they began selling their creations to great success, Chef RV decided to upload a new recipe, this time his easy moist chocolate cake recipe.

“[This is] a very easy super moist chocolate cake that you can turn into a small business,” he said in the video. “As you’ll see, the ingredients we’re using for the cake are not very pricey—they are very straightforward ingredients.”

Throughout the video, he takes the viewers step-by-step through the process of making the icing and the cake while pointing out substitutes (like using all-purpose cream instead of heavy cream) that will make the recipes more accessible to his viewers. His engaging way of filming his video and his willingness to help Filipinos learn how to start their own businesses did not go unnoticed, as Josephine Corotan wrote: “Thank you for being so generous in giving full knowledge to your viewers, especially in giving tips.”

Chink Positive

Mr. Chink Positive himself, Chinkee Tan has made a name for himself as a motivational speaker and wealth coach. While he personally hands out words of advice and encouragement on his web site and TV shows, his YouTube channel does not slouch when it comes to sharing his expertise with his viewers.

One of his more popular videos, Chinkee talks about the 10 bad financial decisions people make including overspending, over-investing, and not saving enough during good times. “Don’t let one financial mistake ruin your finances. Educate yourself about what are the most effective ways to safekeep your money,” he says in the video.

These are only a very small sampling of Filipino YouTubers who have made it their mission to put a little happiness and positivity into the lives of their viewers.


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