Maxene Magalona explores how to find freedom in new short

Maxene Magalona

WHAT does it mean to be free, and how can one discover freedom? Renowned filmmaker Quark Henares explores this idea in his latest short film, titled How to Find Freedom, created in partnership with global smart device brand OPPO (www.oppo.com/ph).

Many young people these days find themselves trapped in the mundane cycle of day-to-day life, wanting for inspiration or any dose of excitement. Henares puts these people into focus in the three-minute film, empowering viewers to step out of your comfort zone and discover different facets of yourself.

Shot on OPPO’s newest flagship device, the OPPO Find X5 Pro, the short film follows the main character, portrayed by actress Maxene Magalona, at first going about the tedious routine of her everyday life, uninspired and bogged down by work and memories of a former relationship.

After what seems to be a serendipitous interaction online, she then pushes herself to enjoy life again by trying new things—from simple activities like visiting an art gallery and adopting a cat, to the more daring like singing in front of a crowd of strangers, and even paragliding.

Unveiled earlier this year, the OPPO Find X5 Pro is the brand’s newest flagship device, co-designed with Hasselblad, the pioneers in photography. With a cutting edge MariSilicon X Chip powering its 50MP triple camera setup, the OPPO Find X5 Pro has the best and most advanced night photography features found in a smartphone.

Now, you can capture images in any light, thanks to its industry-leading features like 4K Ultra Night Video, Ultra HDR Video and Ultra Dark Video. And, with its 1 Billion Colour Bionic Display, you can relive your best after-dark moments in spectacular detail.


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