Editorial Cartoon July 20, 2022

Image credits: Jimbo Albano


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Can PHL escape global recession?

The World Bank has raised the specter of a global recession as central banks around the world have been raising interest rates this year with a degree of synchronicity not seen over the past five decades—a trend that is likely to continue well into next year.

Tax Law for Business | Atty. Irwin C. Nidea Jr.
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Pay as you file

Tax compliance is an important part of a company’s day to day operations. There are many filing dates to monitor. Value-added tax, documentary stamp tax, excise tax, withholding tax, quarterly and annual income tax for example, have different filing deadlines. A company does not merely file a tax return but is also supposed to determine and compute the correct amount of tax to be paid, have it approved by management, and coordinate with the bank for the release of money to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). What if a company timely files a tax return but fails to pay on time? What is the penalty? What is the remedy of a taxpayer when this happens?

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Fake money and war oil

Facebook is a good place to find people from your long-ago past, commemorate significant personal events, and share the passage of time. However, for up-to-the-moment news I turn to Twitter.