Waste to low carbon fuels leadership imminent for PHL with new joint venture

In Photo: Chairwomman, Isabelita P. Mercado – IPM Holdings, and Chairman George Weiss – Stellar 3

Basic Environmental Systems Technologies Inc (“BEST”), a leader in waste management in the Philippines, has concluded a Letter of Intent to form a Joint Venture agreement with Stellar3 LLC (“Stellar3”), a leading US-based supplier of Waste To Energy (WTE) solutions.  The envisioned Joint Venture will develop Waste To Energy projects in the Philippines, including the establishment of a number of Waste To Energy manufacturing hubs in the Philippines.  The objective is to develop the Philippines as a Leading Technology Hub for Waste To Energy technologies in the Asian Pacific and to address the new Philippine Governments Energy priority programs as demanded by a rapidly growing economy.

BEST and Stellar3 management will work closely together to design, build and operate modular facilities to transform selected waste into renewable energy (low carbon fuels). The initial facility, planned at Morong Landfill Site, will transform waste plastics into low-carbon liquid fuels in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Follow-on plans for the Joint Venture include facilities that will transform a variety of waste forms (feedstock) to provide low carbon liquid fuels, heat for electricity, and eventually, Hydrogen outputs to plan for the future growth of the Hydrogen Fueled Economy.

The BEST and Stellar3 Joint Venture will position the Philippines in a worldwide leadership position for waste management and transformation and have decided on the Philippines as the primary location to expand from especially with the fundraising platforms such as the GlobalTrade Xchange in the Freeport Area of Bataan which recognizes the latest technological breakthroughs and the Philippines track record of protecting Intellectual property owned by the Joint Venture.

“We are very excited to continue to provide forward-looking waste leadership in the Philippines, together with our new partners Stellar3,” commented Neil Mercado, CEO of BEST. “This first facility will provide a foundation for future waste transformation facilities that will also revolutionize energy resources in the Philippines.”

“Stellar3 is honored to embark on a new project and technology hub for waste transformation with BEST and the Philippines communities. This is such an exciting time for renewable and low carbon energy, and the Philippines will be waste sustainable trailblazers, ahead of many developed nations and the envy of Southeast Asia as facilities are built out and operating,” stated Stellar3, Chairman of the Board, George Weiss.

About: Basic Environmental Systems Technologies Inc (BEST), incorporated in the Philippines in 1999, engages in contracting and consulting for waste management (including waste collection – transport, and disposal; waste management – operations and maintenance of environment including transfer stations and landfills facilities; and wastewater – treatment, recycling, and resource recovery facilities). BEST’s primary mission is to provide services and facilities for comprehensive waste disposal systems, public cleansing, and material recovery that promote and implement sustainable solutions for proper solid waste disposal, repurposing, and resource conservation. 

About: Stellar3 is a worldwide waste transformation with offices in the United States (Scottsdale, Arizona) and South Africa (Johannesburg). Stellar3’s Engineering Leadership has designed and implemented numerous projects for municipalities, governments, and major corporates. Stellar3 is one of the very few firms worldwide that can economically transform municipal solid waste (“MSW”) into low carbon fuels (diesel, aviation, hydrogen) in large-scale continuous processing facilities. www.stellar3.co

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