Social Commerce Start-up SariSuki: Enriching The Lives Of Filipinos, One Community At A Time

Social commerce start-up SariSuki cofounder and CEO Brian Cu at an e-commerce grocery warehouse in Metro Manila, May 2022.

SariSuki is the largest social commerce start-up in the Philippines. It provides income opportunities for community leaders, gives consumers access to fresh groceries and everyday needs at rates lower than supermarket prices, and also supports local farmers and producers. Through SariSuki’s platform, Ka-Sari Community Leaders serve as grocery dealers, who consolidate and fulfill the orders of their customers, known as Ka-Suki.

The idea for SariSuki came after the pandemic broke out in 2020, when the wife of its CEO and co-founder, Brian Cu, began selling fresh fruits and vegetables to members of her community. She would order the produce in bulk, and was then able to sell these products to her buyers at discounted prices. SariSuki’s founders later discovered that many other sellers around the country were engaging in this behavior of community group buying, and when they dug deeper, they learned that this was an actual business model in countries like China and Indonesia.

Ka-Sari Community Leader Anj Sy of Yahoo Mart dispatching grocery orders of her “Suki” customers

Believing that technology should be used for the good, Brian and the team developed the SariSuki app, which would eventually enable countless Ka-Sari Community Leaders to earn extra income through online selling, and allow Ka-Suki customers to safely and conveniently purchase their daily needs at affordable prices, without having to leave home.

SariSuki Cofounder and CEO Brian Cu said, “SariSuki is a game changer in the Philippine social commerce industry as it uplifts and empowers Filipino communities to recover from the global pandemic by supporting each other. Thousands of our Ka-Sari Community Leaders are micro-entrepreneurs that are now able to support their families while they offer safe, convenient, and extremely affordable fresh produce and grocery products to their next-door neighbors. We also consistently and directly source the fresh produce from local farmers to support our domestic agricultural industry.”

Join SariSuki as a Ka-Sari Community Leader

To become a Ka-Sari Community Leader, you simply need to download the SariSuki app from Google Play or the Apple App Store, then register for your own virtual store. Successful Community Leaders have the potential to earn anywhere from P30,000 to P50,000 every month.

Starting your own online grocery on SariSuki requires no capital, and no joining fee, and you can easily set up shop in an instant. SariSuki will take care of delivering products to your area in bulk, so you can focus on catering to the needs of your local community. Selling on SariSuki is easy because the products listed on the platform comprises daily necessities like fruits and vegetables, rice, eggs, meat, and other standard supermaket products. SariSuki’s offerings are both high-quality and extremely affordable, too.

Shop on SariSuki today

Visit SariSuki.com to find a Ka-Suki near you, and begin purchasing supermarket-quality goods at wet market prices. Order anytime, and from anywhere, with no minimum spend required. SariSuki sources fresh produce from local farmers, and with every purchase made, shoppers are able to support and help these farmers with their livelihood. Along with fresh produce, SariSuki carries a wide variety products from top local brands, too, so you can do all your grocery shopping in just one place.

To learn more about SariSuki, go to SariSuki.com or visit and follow SariSuki on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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