The grand door to the heartbeat of Boracay

Located in Station 2, Feliz Hotel Boracay is only a minute away from the island’s world-famous white sand beaches

All roads and flights lead to Boracay at this time of the year. The tourists are coming in droves and businesses are picking up with the true new normal. People in the tourism industry are going back to work.

We are all picking up the pieces and slowly getting back to the groove of things. A great start would be to travel to the islands with our backpacks and high spirits. It is time to celebrate the reopening of Philippine tourism. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

La Plaza is popular for its churros, and their array of cocktails.

Many of the businesses in Boracay are open; a good sign that the economy is recovering. Caticlan airport is also busy with full flights and peppy travelers.

Our home for a few days is the Feliz Hotel, located at the center of D’Mall in station 2 and just about a minute’s walk to the world-famous white beach of Boracay.

The grand entrance

Feliz Hotel in Boracay is a colonial-inspired hotel that can offer you both a peaceful and quiet retreat and all the island fun at the same time.

Welcoming us at the hotel’s entrance is their grand door. Made from recycled wood and measuring 18 feet in height, it is said to be the tallest on the island. This Instagrammable spot is easily the most photographed on the premises. Families and couples take the customary shot by the grand door before entering or leaving the hotel. With this majestic facade, who needs a red carpet?

The grand door at Feliz Hotel is said to be the tallest on the island. The living room at the suite welcomes guests with taste and elegance. The spacious suite provides comfort and relaxation.

This is also the only door that never closes. It will remain open day and night to welcome weary travelers who are exhausted from the flight and eager to come to life in Boracay.

Checking in was easy and quick. Incoming guests take their seats on the hotel’s front couch and they will be given welcome refreshments and assisted by the front desk personnel. The staff, who were very welcoming and attentive to guests, are the greatest asset of the hotel, I should say.

The Spanish colonial design of the room is stunning. I was transported to the town of Ibiza, even for a while, with the Latin acoustic beats playing in the background as I entered the room provided for us. That grand door even provided a new experience for me as far as hotel rooms are concerned. Well done.

The hotel’s main restaurant, La Plaza, offers all-day dining to guests. The menu features appetizing Latin American delicacies with a Filipino twist. We had their Paella, croquettes, and 12 cheese pizza which was a first for me. Again, Feliz Hotel’s grand door not only welcomed me to Boracay but provided new discoveries as an epicure.

For guests looking for inland adventures, Boracay also offers land tours, ATV rides, and of course, a ton of water activities. These can all be arranged for you by Feliz Hotel’s front desk.

La Plaza’s 12 cheese pizza is a must-try. Guests will surely enjoy the paella.

Happy hour, island-style

La Plaza is also well known for its churros, and their traditional and honest-to-goodness cocktails. People would come back to the restaurant to eat their favorite dishes with the churros on the side. They also have a live band that performs at night. What better way to enjoy the drinks and tapas.

From the looks of the property, one would think that the food and drinks are pricey. On the contrary, prices at this hotel are affordable and competitive with the other establishments nearby.

They also have a rooftop pool with a 360-degree view of the white beach and the surrounding areas of Boracay. If you want to avoid the crowd outside and just stay in the hotel, you can just order appetizers and drinks poolside.

We also met with a friend who is at her workstation in Feliz Hotel for two weeks. The property’s Wi-fi signals are strong and reliable for work which makes it ideal for guests working remotely. Having a personal workstation in paradise is really enticing indeed.

Time for happy hour at Boracay island. Feliz Hotel is proud of their very own cocktail.

The community as one

Johnson Del Valle, Feliz Hotel’s General Manager told me that business is slowly picking up. He also added that the opening of tourism to Boracay is good for everyone, not just the business owners. The hotel workers and the fishermen will greatly benefit from the influx of tourists both foreign and local as well.

Even the airlines are getting busy. Caticlan airport is filled with tourists which is very exciting for the people of Aklan and the tourism industry.

Business owners and the like are helping and supporting each other as they recover from the pains and losses brought about by the pandemic. From my conversations with a few of them, it certainly feels that everyone wins as the tourism industry is beginning to recover. They are not competitors but teammates in the arena of Covid-19.

Image credits: Ardee P. de los Angeles

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