Dr.pi Water Enterprises partners with Safezone Philko for PHL expansion

From left, Atty Fred Bayan, Dr. Helen K. Lim, Founder and CEO of Dr.pi Water Enterprises, Chairman Hwan Jung-Soon Safezone Philko Trading Corporation and Mario T. Camba, Chairman of World United Tribal.

The inventor of the Triple Pi Super Water System has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Safezone Philko Trading Corporation to expand its business in the Philippines.

Dr. Helen Lim, CEO and Founder of Dr.pi Water Enterprises, entered into a MOA with Hwan Jung-Soon Chairman of Safezone Philko Trading Corporation Tuesday evening at a restaurant in Ermita, Manila.

Dr. Lim perfected Pi Water in 2001. The state of the art system, passes through 36 stages nano filtration and processing without altering the composition of water. It retains the water’s essential minerals, and removes 100 percent all kinds of viruses, bad bacteria and harmful substances present in water delivering optimum health.

Dr.pi Water has reportedly been tested to have cured dengue and will soon be launching its newest water product for patients with diabetes.

The objective of the MOA is to bring in stainless steel developed through new Korean technology to build a factory, warehouse, and Smart farming facility for Dr.pi Water’s expansion.


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