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When the going gets tough, medical frontliners get moving. Since day one of this pandemic, medical frontliners have been risking their well-being to save lives. White Coat Manila ( recently released a video reflecting the daily struggles of these individuals (

“We want our medical professionals to know that we see them and we feel them. Being a medical professional myself, I understand the challenges they go through on a personal level. We wanted this to open the conversation on what inspires and motivates our superhero frontliners to continue to suit up and show up during this ongoing pandemic,” said Dr. Nikki Chan-Ongkingco, co-founder of the leading brand of scrub suits and medical coats in the country.

White Coat Manila’s recognition of the needs of the medical frontliners extends beyond just producing the video, as evident in their line of MoveTech scrub suits. Created to disrupt the antiquated medical wear clothing industry, the new scrub suits combine technical performance features with unparalleled comfort and style. It is the first in the country to have five of the most sought-after properties in medical clothing: ultra-lightweight, four-way stretch, water-resistant, crease-resistant, and anti-microbial Ruco-Bac-coated.

The ultra-lightweight property of MoveTech scrubs addresses the need for comfortable garments under the layers of medical grade PPEs. Medical professionals working in hospitals usually have shifts ranging from eight to 72 hours, so comfort is really a must. The four-way stretch property provides total ease of movement. Sometimes, medical professionals need to bend, squat, hold certain angles in a surgery setting, and having a fabric that can stretch with them as they move provides more comfort and efficiency than the usual twill or cotton blended with polyester material. The water-resistant property takes care of the need for stain-resistance so when liquids unintentionally spill, the frontliners can continue with their work without the interruption of changing clothes. The crease-resistant property addresses the need to look fresh and presentable through a long shift. And last but not the least, the anti-microbial Ruco-Bac-coating inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, algae, and other microorganisms that cause odor and fabric damage. So, the coating is for odor protection as well as to increase the durability of the scrubs.

MoveTech scrubs are flattering across all body types and genders, and are available in classic and trendy styles.

White Coat Manila’s products are 100 percent proudly Filipino-sewn. “Employing skilled local sewers and providing other ancillary jobs through our growing brand is our little way of taking part in nation-building and in contributing to the county’s efforts to recover from the pandemic,” shares Dr. Ongkingco.

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