Digital platforms hope to help salons post-pandemic

THERE is no doubt that among the hardest-hit sectors of the last two year’s lockdowns were salons. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, an estimated 400,000 employees in over 35,000 salons across the country lost their jobs due to the lockdowns. How sad is this?

The salon in Katipunan that I’ve frequented for years closed in 2020, just months after the pandemic began. The hairstylist who used to do my hair is lucky to have the resources to service his clients in the comforts of their home. Let me tell you that this isn’t easy. You’d need, aside from the usual tools like scissors and blow dryers, stuff like extension cords and folding chairs, not to mention the expenses involved in lugging these around.

It is with these challenges in mind that the L’Oreal Group has developed an innovative social commerce platform to support its salon partners across the country. Called L’Oreal Salon Shop, the platform allows customers to consult salon experts and hairdressers to advise them with the best suitable products and services for their hair needs, shop hair-care products by top-performing professional hair brands such as L’Oreal Professionnel, Kerastase, Matrix and Biolage which can be delivered straight to their homes and schedule in-salon appointments for their preferred salon services and treatments.

“Salons and hair stylists were the hardest hit in this pandemic. This platform is our way of being ready and adapting to whatever will happen, and a way of forging meaningful interaction between customers and hairdressers,” said Cary Co Choa, general manager for L’Oreal Luxe and Professional Products Division at L’Oreal Philippines, during a media roundtable.

“Through L’Oreal Salon Shop, customers can consult salon experts, talk to their favorite hairdressers, book their salon appointments in their favorite salons and shop their hair-care products as well, which gets delivered to your homes.”

The digital platform initiative is built on four pillars: digital infrastructure, digital upscaling, consumer relevant promotions and raising awareness.

Choa said that through the platform, the salons can leverage on the digital infrastructure that L’Oreal has built and will maintain to create meaningful interactions between hairstylists and customers.

“The dream is really to build a social commerce channel for the salon industry in the Philippines. We will not build it alone. We will build it alongside our salon partners and our hairdressers. We will teach them the right skills and help them reach more consumers,” said Lota Jamer, commercial and transformation director of the brand’s Professional Products Division.

Accredited L’Oréal Salon Shop partner salons in Metro Manila as of December 2021 include Emphasis Salon and Azta Urban Salon. L’Oreal intends to partner with more salons in the first quarter of 2022.

Azta Salon was one of the salons hardest hit by the pandemic lockdowns. All their 11 branches are located inside malls. Luckily, they did not have to close any of their branches and now, their loyal customers are slowly coming back.

“Thanks to L’Oreal because I believe this will really help us. The web site can help us provide a more personalized approach when it comes to hairstylist-customer interaction,” said Azta Salon managing director Mel Velhagen.

“We were doing okay but in a snap, things changed. We weren’t prepared for the pandemic. This website can help us reach a wider target market and tap more clients,” said My Cantos, marketing head of Emphasis Salon in Rockwell.

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