BM TESTED | Epson’s multi-purpose industrial label printer, LW-Z5010BA takes productivity to the next level

Epson’s multi-purpose industrial label printer, the LW-Z5010BA

Labels are always a great way to stay organized, especially for businesses big and small as well as for industries where productivity, safety and security are particularly essential.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that multi-purpose industrial label printers like Epson’s LW-Z5000WA and LW-Z5010BA are considered as indispensable tools by companies that recognize the importance of labels when it comes to order and safety.

Designed to be “the ideal companion for business and industrial use,” Epson’s multi-purpose industrial label makers LW-Z5000WA and LW-Z5010BA are portable and user-friendly enough even for startups that are forced to operate at home by this extended and challenging pandemic.

In our recent test drive of Epson’s LW-Z5010BA model, in particular, we discovered that it is capable of easily printing a wide array of labels necessary for most business operations including bar and QR codes, assets, parts and inventory labels like “billings,” “sales” and “customers,” self-laminating cable identification and outdoor warnings like “high voltage” and more.

And anyone can get this done directly from the printer, without connecting to a computer, in a matter of minutes.

As far back as the early stages of personal computing, Epson has developed a reputation for creating easy-to-operate printers and has smoothly weathered the transition from dot matrix to laser to inkjet variants. The LW-Z5010BA is no exception.

In a nutshell, this handy label maker is capable of supporting label width from 6mm to 50mm, high productivity with print speeds of up to 50mm/s, and user-friendly editing of labels with Epson Label Editor software. It also has a wide range of label materials and colors (yes, colors!) for different applications and is also compatible with both LK tape cartridges and new BR Label roll that allow for cost savings. 

From the minute you unbox and read the easy-to-follow instructions to operating the LW-Z5010BA is a breeze. Whichever between the high volume BR label roll kit or the LK label cartridge that’s more ideal for onsite printing you choose to print labels, setting up is a hassle-free affair.

Between the two, it’s more cost-effective to use the BR label roll kit which includes both label and ribbon for high print volume. Epson estimates a savings of up to 50 percent lower cost per meter as compared to label cartridges. Either way, it’s nice that LW-Z5010BA provides two options of printing labels that users can choose from.

As it also boasts of a 300dpi print resolution with superb print speeds of up to 50 mm per second (trust us, that’s fast), you’d hardly be twiddling your thumbs and twinkling your toes while waiting for the LW-Z5010BA to print your labels. It’s that reliable.

Thanks in large part to its 4.3 inch colour LCD display , graphical user interface (GUI), and built-in touch panel and keyboard, operation is not only smooth but more importantly, errors are also minimized, if not totally eliminated, allowing for additional savings on replacement BR label roll kit and LK label cartridges.

Another impressive thing about the LW-Z5010BA is its versatility. And by versatility, we mean the printer’s ability to be compatible with various materials such as PET, Vinyl, Heat Shrink Tube, or Magnetic labels to suit both indoor and outdoor label applications.

You can also use your Windows PC, Android and iPhones to operate it using the Epson Label Editor for desktop and the Epson iLabel and Epson Datacom apps for mobile. With the Epson Label Editor, in particular, creating industrial labels that require barcodes, QR codes, and sequential alpha and numeric coding is both easy and yes, a lot of fun.

As the LW-Z5010BA supports functions such as automatic full-cut and half-cut as well as drop-stop and print-and-pick, wastage can be minimized, if not totally prevented. The optional auto-rewinding feature is likewise a godsend as it allows for increased productivity and yes, peace of mind.

One important but often taken for granted feature of many printers is multi-network sharing. For bigger organizations, this is considered a boon as only one printer is needed to serve all users in a particular workgroup. Thankfully, the LW-Z5010BA’s implementation of this Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity feature is very seamless and anyone connected to the same network can print pretty much anywhere within reach.

The LW-Z5010BA also comes with its own bundled rechargeable battery so yes, it’s easy to print labels on the move or while in transit.

All told, there is a lot to like about Epson’s multi-purpose industrial label maker LW-Z5010BA. If labels are an integral part of your organization’s productivity, then this is the tool to create them with.


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