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IT has been a few years since the local music industry witnessed how an anonymous, nameless all-male group went viral when they uploaded a seamless and synchronized dance rehearsal video. Today, SB19 has not only created huge waves in the local music market, but also made their presence already felt in the international arena.

SB19 has even penetrated the international music awards circuit with a nod at the Billboard Music Awards, and a recent nomination as the Best Southeast Asian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Original songs like “Go Up,” “Tilaluha,” “Alab” increased their local fan base. More recents pieces and well-crafted videos like “What?” and “MaPa” allowed the group to spread their wings, captivating music lovers from all over the world.

Brands took notice of the group’s phenomenal rise and quickly signed the group as their endorsers.  The Korean street food Yopokki suddenly became popular because of the group. Korean brands like Mulbit Me, a skin-care company, and Montbest, a Korean bottled water brand, also got the boys of SB19 to strengthen the marketing and promotional strategies of their respective brands.

Universal brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, Netflix, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Samsung and Pepsi lost no time in securing their partnership with SB19. Local companies like Lazada Philippines and Monde Nissin also signed them up, much to the delight of SB19’s management team at ShowBT Philippines.

Despite staying on top with every new song and music video release, SB19 remains grounded and continues to give back and share their bountiful blessings. 

Recently, the group headlined a virtual concert for the benefit of the Baptista Music Foundation, named after Sister Baptista Battig, Order of Saint Benedict (OSB), who was the founder of the Conservatory of Music of Saint Scholastica’s College.

The foundation’s vision is to promote a nation culturally developed and united through music and serve as a catalyst for gifted underprivileged youth, and SB19 agreed to perform in this special concert to raise funds for the music scholars that the foundation is supporting.

Billed as Forte: A Pop Orchestra Concert, SB19 was backed by the Battig Chamber Orchestra, composed of scholars, alumni and classically-trained musicians, and all rendered wonderful numbers that combined the best of both classical and Pinoy pop music. Joining them were the highly regarded musically gifted sisters called 4th Impact, the Saint Scholastica’s College Chamber Choir, and classical soloists Nicole Pugeda and Isaac Iglesias.

Modern Filipino classics “Araw Gabi,” “Sana Maulit Muli,” “Ikaw at Ako” and “Please Be Careful with My Heart” were among the memorable songs performed. But it was the SB19 original “MaPa” that raised the trending roof of twitterdom that night.

And because SB19 will celebrate its third anniversary this month, the group will be having a monthlong celebration and a two-day live broadcast concert to cap it off.

The concert, to be billed as SB19 Our Zone 2021: Anniversary Concert, will happen on November 27 and 28, both at 5 pm Philippine time. The first and second show have two different programs, repertoires and activities. The event will feature live performances with games, special guests, and lots of other surprises for SB19 fans and followers all over the world.

SB19 is more than just the country’s breakthrough group of the new decade; it is also the country’s best gift to music fans all over the world in recent years. Continue to make us proud, Ken, Justin, Stell, Pablo and Josh.

Tickets for SB19’s anniversary concert are available via and 

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