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WHAT is the reason behind the actress leaving her old network? Was it because she received a better offer? Was it because she had a fight with someone in her old network? The answer is none of the above. The real reason is that the actress’ old network seemed to take a long time in renewing her contract and she wasn’t actually given any assurance that it would be renewed. So she chose to explore her other options, including a transfer. Her other option would have been freelancing but it doesn’t seem feasible at this time. So when she got feelers from another network, the actress took the plunge.


FANS of a certain love team are quick to attack every female they see with the actor even if he and his ex seemed to have moved on from the relationship. Even the actor’s career path seems to be swerving as he tries to establish his own identity beyond being the other half of a popular love team. One of the girls being attacked by fans is the actor’s coworker. The fans don’t know that the girl is a lesbian and has no interest in the actor romantically or sexually. She is simply the actor’s co-worker and actually likes his ex. Fans have been harassing even the actor’s family members because they want the former couple to reconcile even when they’re obviously leading separate lives.


THIS woman is a friend and business associate to many celebrities, and on Instagram she portrays a persona that is kind and soft-spoken. But those who have had encounters with this woman say that said persona is assumed and not real. For instance, a tech brand that worked with a famous actor swears that she treated their marketing staff badly and even issued threats like, “You don’t know who I am? I can have your business closed down!” One of the woman’s best friends in showbiz is an actress who can fake being kind and benevolent. So it appears that birds of the same feather flock together.


SO the actress and her longtime boyfriend are said to be talking about marriage now that she is reportedly pregnant. The actress’ pregnancy is said to be delicate. She also doesn’t want to give birth without being married to her boyfriend, also an actor, as she already has a child with her former boyfriend. The pandemic is making it difficult for the couple to plan their wedding. The actor wants a grand wedding because his family is asking him to have one, but the actress is more reserved and wants a quiet ceremony with just family and a few friends. One thing is for sure: There will be a wedding and it will be soon.


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