Legazpi City earmarks P30 million for senior citizens, tricycle drivers

File photo shows senior citizens receiving cash assistance from the Legazpi City government during the first payout on August 26, 2021. Mayor Noel E. Rosal (in striped shirt) delivers his message during the payout held at the covered court of Barangay Homapon.

LEGAZPI CITY—Some 18,500 senior citizens and 2,500 tricycle drivers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic have received cash aid from the city government amounting to P30.45 million.

Mayor Noel E. Rosal said in an interview the grant will help cushion the impact of the health crisis on these vulnerable sectors.

“The government is duty-bound to help these vulnerable sectors. Our seniors had already made their contribution to our society long before. And the tricycle drivers are our indispensable partners in our economic and social engagements every day,” he said.

Rosal said the payout, done in three tranches, materialized after the city council approved Resolution 15-0290-2021 allocating the said amount.

“We want to commend the City Council for passing such a resolution that allowed the handing of cash assistance to these sectors of our society,” he said.

The cash distribution held on Tuesday was the third payout, with the first held in August, and the second, early this month.

Office for Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA) head Wilfredo Intia, in a separate interview, said the cash aid was distributed through the help of the Barangay Association of Senior Citizens Affairs and personnel of the City Treasurer’s Office.

Health and safety protocols were implemented as a precaution against Covid-19. “Even in the distribution of this cash assistance, we need to observe the health protocols, particularly on social distancing, to avoid the potential spread of the virus,” Pecos said.

Barangay Bagacay Chairman Julian Ariola, a senior citizen, said he was very grateful to the city government for the assistance given them, which could be used in purchasing maintenance medicines.

“This [cash aid] is a big help to us, more so to those who do not have a regular source of income anymore,” he added.

The senior citizens received P1,500 each, while the tricycle drivers got P1,000 each from the Legazpi City LGU. PNA


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