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Trimotors launches Maxima series models ideal for business

The new Bajaj Maxima Z.

TRIMOTORS Technology Corp., the exclusive distributor of Bajaj Three-wheelers here in the Philippines, continues to expand its three-wheeler roster. Recently, the company rolled out its newest addition to the growing lineup—the new Maxima series model.

This new series model comes in two different models, the Maxima Z and Maxima Cargo.

Since the release of Bajaj RE in the Philippines last 2015, over 50,000 Filipinos have begun trusting the brand. As a result, the market demand for a bigger, tougher, and powerful upgrade increased. The two new models are composed of characteristics and features that best define the upgrades. It comes with multi-purpose enhancements to fit for both transporting passengers and carrying loads.

The Maxima Z features a 60:40 seating arrangement that can adapt with every seating advantage. With this seating configuration, passengers are comfortably seated while delivering goods. With seats folded, the rear area transforms into an 800-liter cargo bay. Moreover, passengers can enjoy every drive with the entertainment that lasts more than a mile from sunrise to sundown thanks to the “New Age Dashboard” with radio and MP3 Player. Interestingly, a “Symmetrical Transparent Hood” provides a pleasant passenger view and accessible windows for the goods.

Motivation comes from a more powerful 236cc DTS-i motor capable of carrying heavier loads and more trips. With the heavy-duty CV shaft, the owner can expect efficient mobility while maintaining the durability and lower maintenance cost. There are also 10-inch tires & Dual Front Fork Suspension capable of handling any road conditions while continuously absorbing shock and harsh motions.

These multi-purpose enhancements are made to suit the need for a more adaptable, versatile, and flexible three-wheeler that will help small businesses. Available in colors Blue, Yellow, and White, the new Maxima Z retails at P221,888.00.

Meanwhile, the Maxima Cargo model is ideal for transport delivery purposes. Trimotors created the new cargo market categories to deliver them powerful solutions. The available frames are the Concept Truck, Rapid Hauler, and Multi-function Van in the form of a three-wheeled business enabler. These various frame designs are to provide limitless three-wheel opportunities for applicable businesses.

The efficient three-wheeled transporter, meantime, will exceed every fleet manager’s last-mile mobility requirement. The Compact Delivery is also a three-wheeled closed van version that is the best logistics partner in delivering and carrying loads. The Maxima Cargo’s versatile frame configurations are also an ideal tool for local government or community barangay’s development, operations, and public services. That is, with the help of an economically convenient and dependable partner to your frontline workforce. This three-wheeled frontline partner, in the form of Medical Transporter, Ronda Partner, and Fire Defender, will deliver every community the best public services.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo may have different forms and offerings, but Trimotors has established a single cause for its making—to bring every Filipino the progress they worked hard for. According to Trimotors, these two Bajaj Maxima models may have their similarities and differences. However, the main goal is to improve, better, and upgrade the living standards of every Filipinos towards being more in life.

To know more, visit or Bajaj three-wheelers are widely available nationwide through its over 800 outstanding authorized dealer stores and 700+ parts and service shops.

Image courtesy of Trimotors Philippines
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