When life becomes a ‘drag’

A promo material for RuPaul’s Drag Race, a Filipino variant of which has been announced.

Sorry, Kameron Michaels. No tea, no shade but your rant on your lackluster return to Drag Race All Stars did not make us gag much as did the announcement of not one but two audition calls for upcoming drag race reality competitions set here in our country: Drag Race Philippines and Drag Den.

Drag superstar RuPaul announced on social media that her Emmy-award winning show will officially have a franchise in the Philippines, the second in Asia. following Drag Race Thailand.  This comes hot on the high heels of Drag Den, to be hosted by Drag Race alumnus Manila Luzon as she searches for a Philippine Drag Supreme, according to her announcement the day before.

It’s such an exciting time for us Drag Race fans and drag queens everywhere this side of the runway, as they will finally have a more exposed platform to showcase their—you know it—charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.

And to the queen contestants of both shows, let me share some unsolicited advice on what Mama Ru constantly tells us what NOT to do on every episode: f*ck it up.

First, please learn how to sew.  And brush up on your fashion and pop culture knowledge. You have to know the difference of the world impact of Madonna from Mariah’s. Study some acting too—both serious and, of course, comedy. Moreover, brush up on your moves and grooves, and maybe your speaking and singing voice too. To the gay beauty contest veterans who always win darling-of-the-crowd awards and those who do death-defying stunts in the talent portion (I saw one time a contestant jump from a roof and landed on a split!), go please join so that the world can see that there’s more to drag than lewk queens or pageant girls.

As for who will round up the cast of Drag Race Philippines (host and judges) as well as Drag Den (judges and possibly mentors), so much opinion has already been spit out on social media and I agree with some, if not many, of them so I’d leave that to the able hands of the showrunners.

Honestly, I am more concerned on who they’ll cast as the Pit Crew.


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