Trade dept tells MSMEs to join August Asean online sale day

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez

The Philippines, through the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), will be participating in the second Asean Online Sale Day (AOSD), which will be held from August 8 to 10, 2021.

The AOSD is held annually on the occasion of the Asean Founding Anniversary to boost online consumer trade in the region and enhance stronger collaboration between stakeholders, including relevant governmental agencies, businesses, and consumers.

It also aims to advance and explore new policy initiatives and innovative technologies to promote cross-border e-commerce activities in Asean.

More importantly, it aims to instill trust and confidence in online Asean business, including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), who remain dynamic, resilient, and open for business amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As our economy recovers from the disruptions of the Covid-19 pandemic, MSMEs can harness the opportunities of the fast-growing e-commerce sector in the country to boost our economic growth,” Trade Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said.

Asean’s e-commerce sector is expected to triple in size from $100 billion in 2019 to $300 billion in 2025, constituting 8.5 percent of the region’s GDP.

In light of the pandemic, e-commerce activities has also seen a boom in the Philippines as consumers and businesses increasingly turn online. From 1,700 in the first quarter of 2020, the number of online businesses reported by the Business Name Registration System (BNRS) of DTI increased to around 88,000 by year end.

Lopez said: “As we pursue economic recovery and build back better in the post-pandemic era, let us harness the fast-growing e-commerce to boost our economic growth. Our participation in this year’s AOSD would allow us to create  ‘Better Normal’  through taking advantage of the benefits of e-commerce in the region. The more e-commerce also means more jobs and employment generated for our countrymen.”

The DTI partnered last year with members of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), and UnionBank GlobalLinker, which facilitated the participation of 36 Philippine e-commerce businesses. DTI’s Go Lokal!, which topbills Philippine products, was also featured through the e-commerce platform, Shopinas.

Platforms such as DTI’s Go Lokal! and UnionBank GlobalLinker have confirmed participation in this year’s AOSD.

The web site listing all participating merchants and platforms in AOSD 2021 can be accessed through http://onlineasean.com/.

During the AOSD period, Filipinos can avail of discounts and promotions not only from participating e-commerce businesses and marketplaces in the Philippines, but also from those participating from neighboring Asean countries.

Deadline of application for Philippine-based business, MSMEs, or marketplaces selling goods or services online is until 27 July 2021. For more information about joining this year’s AOSD, you may visit the AOSD FAQs page.


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