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THE actress has been in showbiz for many years and she’s now going into business with her rumored boyfriend. There are talks that she put up the business for her boyfriend who doesn’t have a job and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is a legitimate business and she has the money to put it up. The actress and the guy have been together for a while. In fact, he lives in a wing constructed for him in her house. He was already her BF when she was linked to her longtime costar, an actor who also has a girlfriend and a child with her. For a while, the actress was infatuated with her actor costar until she realized he was so set in his ways and she’s quite liberal. She knew that if they ever got involved, it wouldn’t last anyway. So it was the end of that and she left the show.


SO the showbiz couple was finally asked about the status of their relationship which has been a puzzle for netizens. Yes, they are separated because the guy cheated but his family, who is also showbiz in a way, has requested the actress if they could keep it under wraps for a while. She agreed because they also have a deal for a year with an appliance brand and it requires them to stay together. Now, we don’t know what happens after that year is over. Will the actress finally admit that she asked her hubby to leave the house because he had a fling with a sexy actress who also belongs to the same network? Will she risk losing her husband’s good showbiz connections? The husband and the sexy actress, by the way, did not have a relationship. It was just a locked-in taping fling.


THE actress was recently in the news because of a prank someone played on her and she remarked that she couldn’t understand why someone would do it to her because she is a nice person. People who have worked with the actress raised their eyebrows at the statement because for them, working with her was a nightmare and they knew exactly why such a prank was played on her. The actress used to own a restaurant and they remember that she invited them to eat there and they thought it was her treat but they were made to pay. That was OK until she remarked they shouldn’t expect things to be always for free. These are people who earned so much less than her. It was OK for them not to get a free meal but for her to bring them there, make them pay and say something like that was a different matter.


A YOUNG actor and a young actress are involved in a controversy where they allegedly were mean to a female colleague who is known for being a nice and sweet person. This is not first time that the young actor was mean to a colleague. He has always been problematic. He once bullied a young female star and also urged his other friends to do so by shading her on Twitter for her relationship with a male starlet (now the BF and baby daddy of another

young actress). The young female star, who is well-liked, didn’t say anything. It was her friend who came to her defense. The young actor did it again to another young female colleague, who also happens to be his screen partner.

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