PHL to get 800K to 1M US-donated vaccines next month, envoy reveals

The country will get between 800,000 and a million doses of donated novel coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine from the United States government next month.

Philippine Ambassador to the US Jose Manuel “Babe” Romualdez said the vaccines will come from the 80 million doses of Covid-19 jabs, which will be distributed by the US government to its close allies.

“It will be either Moderna or AstraZeneca and [would] come from their stockpile which is expected to be given to us by next month,” Romualdez said in an online news briefing on Tuesday.

He said the country would also receiving 500 million additional doses to be also donated by US to other countries.

“So we’re getting quite a substantial amount of doses or vaccines coming from the United States aside from what we’ve already negotiated,” Romualdez said.

The government already secured a supply agreement with US-based pharmaceutical firms Moderna and Pfizer for 60 million doses of Covid-19 jabs.

Romualdez said the government was also able to get a commitment from Moderna for 50 million doses of the “booster shots” it is developing for Covid-19, which may be available next year.

“So we are in good shape as far as our vaccines are concerned,” Romualdez said.


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