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This popular love team has been around for a long time but many people still don’t believe that they are a real couple. According to observers, the actor isn’t really into his partner and even his relatives know that. It’s only his immediate family members that are close to the actress and her family. Everyone else is not. The actress doesn’t attend her BF’s family reunions and gatherings. The actress’s family, meanwhile, is very supportive of the actor and his career. That’s because they are genuinely good people.


Fans of a disbanded group are angry at one of the members for saying that he considers the others just people he’s worked with. Maybe these fans have forgotten that they should be angrier at another member who is problematic and who had committed several acts of violence against women and children. At the height of the group’s popularity, this member got a minor pregnant. He abandoned the girl after a while and didn’t even support her and their child financially. It’s actually strange that a very popular actor is quite close to this group’s former member because the latter is known to have violent tendencies. The actor is a matinee idol and this friendship with the person in question doesn’t seem to align with his branding as a public figure.


So the reason why the actress allegedly did not accept the lead role in a celebrated project is because it hits too close to home. The actress and her husband reportedly had a problem similar to the situation in the said project. The actress supposedly caught her husband having an affair but they chose to talk it out and give the marriage another try. While she wanted to do the project, which would have been her big drama comeback, the actress chose peace of mind over anything else.


THE actor hasn’t been working for a while. Lucky for him, he has many properties and valuables, including paintings that he’s managed to sell to keep himself and his family afloat. Recently, he received a work offer and he was blunt in saying that he is saying yes because he needs the money. The actor’s market value is still high so the person who made the offer also gave him a hefty advance on his talent fees. So, yes, the actor is back at work.

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