SPI, Regasco bare Covid-19 vaccination plan

SPI recently administered the flu vaccine to its employees. The company plans to make the COVID-19 vaccine accessible to its employees by the 3rd quarter 2021 in an effort to help augment government efforts in its drive to achieve herd immunity for the population.

Even as the government continues to directly source COVID-19 vaccines for the population, the management and officers of LPG companies South Pacific Inc. and Regasco have bared its own vaccination plan for its 3000-strong workforce. This is in line with the company’s move to compliment government efforts to achieve population protection and to care for the health and continued wellbeing of its employees.

SPI President Jun Golingay reveals that management has made arrangements to secure 6,000 doses of Covovax, the Covid-19 vaccine from reputable company UNILAB. The supply guarantees two doses of the vaccine for each employee. Supplies are expected to be made available during the 3rd quarter of 2021.

Golingay says depending on delivery, they plan to implement the vaccination process from July to October 2021. The vaccination schedule will also be done in the most efficient way that will be non-disruptive of operations to ensure continuity of customer service.

SPI founder Arnel Ty hopes this will encourage everyone in the company to be inoculated and protect oneself and their families from the deadly virus and its many variants. He said that SPI and Regasco also plan to launch a series of educational workshops and partner with medical experts from vaccine providers, public health officials and other sources to orient its staff on the vaccine, its benefits and effects. This is to further allay vaccine anxieties and make personnel realize how the vaccine can pave the way for more productivity, health protocol compliance and safe living.

Executives and senior management of both companies will help create an atmosphere that supports COVID-19 vaccinations by being ‘vaccine champions’ themselves, Golingay emphasizes. As such, they will be at the forefront of taking the vaccines so that they can start a network of ambassadors that can share post-vaccination experiences and reply to queries. They can give authoritative, credible, and accessible feedback on the safety, efficacy, and side effects if any, of the vaccine. It is the hope of SPI and Regasco’s senior management that this will build strong conviction and confidence for the vaccine among its employees.


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