US-based Cirtek unit to hike production of 5G antennas

Quintel USA Inc., the United States-based unit of listed firm Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp., said it is ramping up production of its 5G antennas after US regulators has awarded new telecommunication spectrum to carriers.

The company said it expects 5G subscription to grow from around 200 million in 2020 to about 3 billion in 2025, while the global number of connected devices is projected to increase to 43 billion in 2023, an approximated threefold increase from 2018.

By 2025, the total amount of traffic carried on mobile networks will grow to 4,150 exabytes, and 58 percent is likely to come from 5G where Quintel is engaged in.

“In Quintel, we see the converging trend of connectivity encompassing various sectors of industry outside traditional telcos and continue to lead innovation and product differentiation to allow an ever-increasingly connected world,” the company said.

US carriers, it said, prepare ahead for much of the work on 5G network design while new spectrum is cleared for commercial use in the coming months.

“Network designs are in the works with expected build to commence 2022 once airwaves become available for 5G usage as they are evacuated by satellite companies,” it said.

Quintel said it has a dedicated team to support its top tier carriers in North America for 5G complimentary product introductions. The products include a total of 78 new antennas across 17 product families.

The global 5G base station market, where it operates, is anticipated to grow by a compounded annual growth rate of around 32 percent through 2028 and is estimated to cross market valuation of $177 billion by 2028, according to research and market study published in March.

“Quintel differentiates from the competition by empowering carriers with flexibility to maximize their existing 4G networks while allowing the overlay of 5G services in parallel avoiding costly legacy network overhauls as well as option to deploy pure 5G from a bottom-up approach in new site builds, maintaining inter-operability between legacy and greenfield networks,” it said.

Laguna-based Cirtek earlier said it sees higher growth in the semiconductor and wireless, broadband business segments this year, fueled by the shortage of semiconductor chips worldwide.

The company said the growth this year will also come from the positive outlook on the end of the pandemic and the return of customer demand for various commodities including electronics parts for automotive application.

Quintel’s new 5G-model antennas of Quintel will start to roll out before the end of the 2021. Cirtek’s business projections take a higher turn with significant increase of orders from majority of its customers, it said.


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