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Budget tips for Gen Zs; Isuzu ‘BLOWBAGETS’

Column box-Al Mendoza-Full Tank

MY good friend, Nadinne Capistrano, writes to say she has some tips to help millennials and Gen Zs navigate their financial road map.  Here:

“Today’s challenging circumstances underscore the importance of proper financial management among millennials and Gen Zs.

“While health and safety remains top priority amid the pandemic, staying afloat may be the biggest challenge of millennials and Gen Zs. With many getting pay cuts or losing jobs, learning to manage finances is part of adulthood.

 “Here are a few tips while in quarantine:

Learn budgeting

“Apply the 50-30-20 rule. Allocate 50 percent of income to basic necessities, 30 percent leisure and 20 percent financial goals. Take note of bills’ due dates and pay on time. Use an Excel spreadsheet, an app or even a pen and paper to keep track of expenses.

“Reduce monthly expenses. Streaming service or downgrade mobile postpaid plan? Switch to prepaid or make it a habit to unplug idle devices?

“The Toyota Financial Services’ Balloon Payment Plus makes for easier payment car loans, guaranteeing great resale options by the end of the term.  

Spend Wisely

“Distinguish between wants and needs from your online 100 shopping items.  Buy only enough for the whole family. Make use of cashbacks and rewards program.

“Always go for value-for-money.  Explore payments light on the pocket.  With Toyota Vios, you don’t only get your money’s worth, but also for its added-value-benefits, such as free periodic maintenance service (PMS), extended warranty, and free car insurance. 

Start investing

“Building and diversifying financial investment portfolios is a good idea for young adults. With retirement decades away, not only is there more time to learn and recover from possible losses, investing can also help one achieve financial freedom earlier.   

“With work from home and less socializing still the norm, another investment worth considering is learning. Take up a new language. Read more books. Enroll in an online certification course. Investing in education is a great way to help increase one’s personal development and professional value.

“Owning a car gets you faster to your workplace, the grocery store and frees you from public queues.  More importantly, you millennials and Gen Zs driving your own car drives the virus away.

“Don’t experts say stay 6 feet away from people? But with public transportation, this is next to impossible to accomplish.

“The Vios is perfect for millennials and Gen Zs because it delivers performance that levels up the lifestyle.

“Recently named the Most Reliable Car Brand for 2020, the Vios is easy to maintain, has a spacious interior, and boasts of an impressive engine performance.

“Depending on one’s goals, either the XE variant or the GR-S suits any one’s taste to the hilt. And every Vios has an impressive resale value—truly a bang for one’s buck.

“Consider, too: The Vios is proudly Filipino made. Buy it and you help support your fellow Filipinos in the local automotive industry.”

I can hear Toyota hotshot Tini Arevalo saying, “Good job, Nadinne.”

Honda cashless deals

COLENE Jalalon tells us of Honda Cars’ superbly creative cashless payment option through GCash and PayMaya.

“This is to help ensure a safer and more convenient way of transacting business at Honda dealerships,” Colene says.

For more details, visit


JOSEPH Bautista, a top gun at Isuzu Philippines Corp. for the longest time, has come up with IPC’s innovative “BLOWBAGETS” designed to put Isuzu models in tip-top shape this summer.

Inspired by the popular mnemonic, Joseph, Division Sales head, said IPC’s all-time thrust is to employ certified expert technicians to help protect drivers and passengers on the road.

He said that from now until June 30, customers are given discounts on:

  • Battery replacement (Isuzu battery) 20 percent.
  • Lightbulb replacement 20 percent labor, 20 percent parts.
  • Oil complete PMS or change oil free 1 liter engine oil.
  • Wiper blade replacement 20 percent labor, 20 percent parts.
  • Brake service package 20 percent labor.
  • Air free health report for PMS.
  • G (Gj) Express Caltex SavePlus Cards.
  • Engine check-up 20 percent labor.
  • Tires wheel alignment 20 percent labor.
  • Safety features on routine checks/all vehicles.

He also said thorough functional checks on stability control systems of the All-New D-MAX are likewise on tap, per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-116968 Series of 2021. 

Keep punchin’, Joseph!

PEE STOP Happy birthday to May Uy (May 15), the beauteous wife of Ramon Uy, the Lexus-driving and respected Bacolod businessman-environmentalist and chief exponent of vermicompost fertilizer technology in Western Visayas.  Here’s wishing you many more birthdays to come, Mareng May. Cheers!

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