Simple way to make your kitchen smarter

“HOME is where the heart is.” This could not be truer than now when most of our time revolves around the four corners of our abodes. Though some of us feel that our worlds have become smaller because of the restrictions we have to observe, there are also those who found newfound passions in turning their private spaces into their very own havens.

For example, anyone who has been following social-media trends knows the increase in interest in home renovations, indoor plants, and other activities that we can enjoy without having to leave our houses. Of course, we cannot leave out those who turned their interests to cooking by trying to become true masters of their kitchens.

If you think about it, there really is no downside to this newfound love. People who have always enjoyed a good balance of going out and staying in can attest to this—for them, enjoying your time at home and making the most out of it is a form of sophisticated lifestyle in itself. As some passions shifted and others strengthened, many of us also started to become more discerning in choosing the home partners that we invest in.

This is very evident when it comes to preparing home-cooked meals since many of us now forego going out just to grab a bite or two. The good news is that there is definitely no shortage of high-quality kitchen essentials that can help deliver the same quality and experience of dining out now.

At least this is the truth for Breville (www.breville.com.ph/the-smart-oven-air-fryer), an Australian kitchen brand that has perfected the manufacturing of appliances that not only help common kitchen dilemmas but also allow users to be masters of their own kitchens. Its user-friendly, sophisticated designs and continuous innovations in its technology have earned it a solid following in the 50 countries where it is distributed, the Philippines included.

One of the best examples of its products that perfectly capture its brand essence is its series of Smart Ovens. Now on its 11th year of being distributed in the Philippines, Breville is once again releasing an improved version of this best seller: the Smart Oven Air Fryer.

The timing for this new kitchen master could not be more perfect. Similar to its predecessors, this version packs a punch when it comes to features that are perfect for both pro and novice cooks, though it is made so much better thanks to its air frying feature and other functions that just got smarter. This is a welcome surprise for everyone, especially since, air frying has increased in popularity lately due to people wanting to enjoy their favorite fried meals without having to worry about their health.

Its dedicated air fryer setting uses maximized airflow and high temperatures to fry fried favorites like chicken wings and french fries in a guilt-free way. Moreover, its Super Convection feature, combined with higher temperatures, delivers delicious, crispy golden air fried foods.

Last, users of this smarter version of Breville oven do not have to worry about using this technology. Like its other products, the Smart Oven Air Fryer is designed for ease of use with its simple yet needed features like its digital LCD Display and interior oven light.


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