DLS-CSB, Gateway Gallery team up for ‘Sinulid Epilogue 20-21’ virtual exhibit

THE De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) partners with Araneta City’s Gateway Gallery for the first virtual presentation of the school’s annual Sinulid: Epilogue art exhibit.

Ongoing until April 10, the Sinulid Epilogue 20-21: Unconventional Threads may be viewed by the public via bit.ly/3rT4zgu. The virtual exhibit features a collection from 16 top students of DLS-CSB’s Fashion Design and Merchandising program Batch 2020 who presented their unique take on Filipino identity through art.

The virtual exhibit showcases different materials, various weaving designs, and the artistic points of view of the students threading their interpretations of the modern Filipino. It reflects the historic heritage of the islands and the seas (religious deities, mystical folklore, and oriental influences), local pop cultures (OFW balikbayans, cockfighting), and the challenges of daily life mirroring the extremely rich and vibrant Filipino culture.

Apart from the virtual exhibit, the Sinulid Epilogue 20-21: Unconventional Threads also involves a series of webinars and student-related activities to promote camaraderie during this time of pandemic.

Sinulid Epilogue 20-21: Unconventional Threads is the latest offering of Gateway Gallery, Araneta City’s art museum devoted to the promotion of Philippine culture, heritage and art. Also available for viewing via the Gateway Gallery web site is Art Heals: Echoes of the Pandemic. The long-running SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art exhibit and #YouMatter mental health exhibit can be viewed via the mobile app Gateway Gallery Pocket Museum.


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