Enjoy living a modern farmhouse at The Grove

WITH solutions to the global health situation remaining fluid as of this time, Filipinos are being enjoined to stay vigilant and to continue adhering to health protocols to keep themselves—and other people—safe. And with one’s primary home as the safest place to be, lessons in self-sufficiency abound and continue to ensure the health of the family.

An increasingly popular trend among self-sufficient as well as enterprising Filipinos is growing their own food, which has become as essential as it is doable. At The Grove at Plantation Hills, where nature is not just a view but a way of life, the benefits of vegetable gardening are immense. Stockpiling one’s kitchen with homegrown herbs and vegetables harvested from their own backyard promotes a healthy lifestyle that helps reduce one’s carbon footprint, relieve stress, provide loved ones with nutrient-rich foods, and ensure a good workout for the body.

So, imagine leaving the congested cities and setting up a primary home—a modern farmhouse in one of The Grove’s Orchard lots, ranging from 750 to 1,300 sq m, where at least 65 percent of the space is dedicated to eco-farming and raising recreational livestock. It is an estate on its own designed to be a living part of its natural surroundings.

Similarly, the Garden lots ranging from 450 to 600 sq m also encourage homeowners, with the novice gardener in mind, to start with potted vegetables and herbs or a few raised beds and to even do vertical farming—thereby surrounding the home with greens. Simply remember that gardens thrive with weekly planting, weeding, thinning, and pruning as well as watering twice a day on hot and humid days.

Best of all, one can indulge in nature’s bounty without foregoing the splendid amenities of modern living. At The Grove at Plantation Hills, sustainable eco-farming and the trappings of a luxe life are there for the homeowner’s taking. Comfort and convenience go with a lush and verdant landscape that is deeply relaxing and improves mental well-being.

With 22 hectares of land area, The Grove at Plantation Hills provides future residents with the exclusive community’s leisure-residential-and-farming-concept-in-one, thoughtfully crafted to bring the genteel farmer’s lifestyle straight to their backyards. The enclave features expansive green spaces designed not just to admire nature from a distance but to live in it. There are tranquil ponds, pocket parks, a playground, a gazebo, and even a tree-lined perimeter path for residents’ leisurely strolls and respite from the flurry of gardening activities.

Tagaytay Highlands’ Property Management (www.tagaytayhighlands.com), has also proven to be highly efficient in delivering quick crisis response during adverse natural and high-risk events.

All things told, Filipinos who seek a self-sufficient life in a safe and tranquil enclave may head for The Grove at Plantation Hills. Here, they can enjoy living in a home with stunning mountain views as they pursue a genteel farmer’s lifestyle that they only used to dream about.


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