Lessandra ends 2020 strong, eyes continued expansion in development

Aerial shot of Lessandra Community

Lessandra proved to be a strong player in the real estate industry, posting positive growth in sales consecutively in the second half of 2020 amidst the pandemic, and eyes to expand in 2021 with its new offerings.

Faced with challenges brought by the covid-19 pandemic as with any other real estate brands, Lessandra was able to steer its way to positive growth for six consecutive months, even at the height of the pandemic. While many companies slowed down because of the sudden shift of doing business from the traditional way to the online platform, Lessandra took it as an opportunity to grow the brand.

Part of the initiatives of the company is the seamless digital buying experience for homebuyers – from choosing the property location to virtual house tours and online reservation, Lessandra made it possible to buy a property wherever and whenever clients want. 

Sienna model

“We knew that the market is out there and that it’s only a matter of how we can make it possible and easier for them to invest and own a home without risking their safety, which is the top concern since the pandemic hit us. Our online tools and innovations is a major step we took to be able to cater and be of service to the customers”, said Eduardo Aguilar, Division Head of Lessandra.  “Aside from being available where they needed us, we also provided more flexible payment schemes that helped address the concerns of the homebuyers,” he added. 

In Q4 of last year, the rising housing brand further intensified its hold in the industry with its introduction of a new house model, Sienna, under its Step-Up Series. Sienna offers a more spacious abode with its bigger floor and lot area, with a master bedroom, car park, and the Hive – a multifunctional space you can turn into a work-from-home area, study area, or lounge. 

“With Sienna, we again had the homeowners in mind. During the pandemic, we were able to identify what else is necessary in a home, one of which is having a definite space or a pod you can use for different purposes without having to renovate your place to accommodate that additional need for space”, Aguilar said.

This year, Lessandra will expand its foothold in Luzon and in Mindanao with its additional projects offering quality and affordable house and lot, further strengthening its presence in the country.

The HIVE work from home layout

Aside from the horizontal expansions, Lessandra will now take its turn in the vertical development as it launches its first vertical residential community.  According to Aguilar, Lessandra will launch its vertical projects in Q1 of 2021, with two locations already in the plan.  Both of which will soon rise just outside the Metro, retaining affordability, convenience, and accessibility as key advantages, similar to all their other communities. 

With its additional projects, Lessandra eyes to grow bigger and faster this year, catering to broader markets, locally and overseas. As the Lessandra Division Head would say, “Soon, everyone can craft their own stories through their homes.”

To know more Lessandra updates, simply visit their website at lessandra.com.ph and their Official Facebook account at LessandraOfficial. Lessandra is one of Vista Land’s residential brands that caters to the affordable market segment. Visit Vista Land’s website at https://vistaland.com.ph/ for more information.


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