Celebrate Holidaze at home with LG

THIS holiday season, LG Philippines wants to ensure that festive celebrations are held safely and responsibly at home. To make sure that everyone stays at home for the holidays, LG (www.lg.com/ph) is offering a special promotion for the season.  What better way to celebrate Christmas at home than with a brand new LG TV? With LG’s Holidaze at Home Promo, customers can get up to 40-percent off and a free Christmas basket or LG XBoom Go speaker on select LG TV models. To be eligible for the promo, purchases must be made via straight card or cash payment in participating LG authorized dealer stores nationwide. LG’s Christmas baskets may be redeemed by eligible customers in participating dealer stores upon purchase.

LG offers a very diverse selection of TV sets that will be discounted for its Holidaze at Home promo. The TV models included in the promotion will be marked down until January 15, 2021. As an added bonus, each TV purchase from the Holidaze at Home promo will also come with either a portable LG XBoom Go speaker or an LG Christmas basket courtesy of LG. These special freebies will be available in selected authorized dealer stores. So grab your LG TVs for as low as P17,990 and enjoy your special holiday gift this Christmas.

When buying LG TVs as a Christmas gift, don’t forget to complete the immersive experience by adding speakers to your home entertainment system. Smaller LED TVs up to 50” are best paired with an LG SN6Y soundbar which is priced at P18,990 for 55” LED TVs and larger, bigger speakers are recommended. Try out the LG XBOOM CL98-FB, priced at P34,990 or the LG XBOOM RN9, pegged at P24,990, to complete the cinematic experience at home. For your brand-new OLED TV, we recommend the portable LG XBoom Go PL7 Bluetooth speakers which can be yours for only P7,990.

Also, LG Electronics (LG) announced a number of organizational commitments that are designed to faster transform the global consumer electronics and appliance brand into a company that will be able to better weather the coming year by turning challenges into opportunities. Initiatives such as promoting customer value innovation through LG’s digital transformation strategy, creating a cross-function Quality Management Center, establishing a North America Innovation Center, bolstering each company’s R&D function and giving the nascent Robot Business Division a new home in the Business Solutions Company are some of the changes in store for the new year and beyond.

A notable change will be the retirement of Dan Song, president and CEO of the Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company, who took on the role at the end of 2016 and leaves the company stronger than it has ever been. Under the leadership of the 37-year veteran of LG Electronics, LG’s H&A Company recorded the highest sales figures in the history of the company and is a key reason for LG’s strong performance this year despite the cloud of the pandemic. Taking over the reins of LG’s largest company will be Lyu Jae-cheol, a 32-year veteran of LG and head of its Living Appliance Business since 2016.

In addition to focusing on customer value, quality control, innovation, R&D and robots, LG will be creating more opportunities to reinforce its competitiveness, encourage disruptive thinking and better prepare for future uncertainties. To give management and employees direct responsibility for growing categories, separate divisions will be established for refrigerators and dryers under the H&A Living Appliance Business while the Air Solutions Business will get a separate System Air Conditioner division. Other new initiatives include Disruptive Technology Innovation Lab and Disruptive Product Innovation Lab which combine elements of R&D with future product planning.

Under the CTO’s Materials & Devices Advanced Research Center will be the New Display Lab which will focus on accelerating Micro LED technology for faster business development. The CTO will also set up iLab to develop creative technologies utilizing start-up methods that can be commercialized relatively quickly. In addition to opening a North America Innovation Center to discover and promote new business opportunities, LG’s Chief Strategy Office will also set up a new Business Incubation Center to adopt new ideas and help transform them into business opportunities.

And to better respond to changing consumer needs, LG will open a Customer eXperience (CX) Lab that reports directly to the CEO. The CX Lab will include aspects of the Advanced Design lab and will focus on studying the way design affects the way consumers interact with products.

All appointments are effective on December 1, 2020 with promotions taking effect January 1, 2021.


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